A long time ago in a galazy far, far, away. Nope. That's all ready been used. Well three years ago, anyway, I embarked upon a strange odyssey to build an entertainment website that was totally different. It started out as the on-going multi-media novel Genesis Space Station. Genesis grew, but so did my desire to have fun and share my various artistic exploits with the world wide web. Genesis Space Station, despite it's enormouse size has just become too small to contain my limitless imagination.

And thus Genesis Space is born. Here you will find 3D art, Animations (digimations I call them), Music, Short Stories, Graphic novels and so on. Of course Genesis Space Station shall continue on it's journey to New Terra. The only thing required of the visitor is to boldly take mouse (or any other suitable pointing device) in hand and explore the universe I've laid out for you. Things are a little strange in here, but then so is the so called "Real World". Have fun! A. A. Roberts