Morlock... the name has resonated through the galaxy for over ten thousand years and has become synonymous with evil. It was he who first contacted the Sleen of the Vargos system. It was he who studied under Var'Toth Ellel and learned the true ways of magic. It was he who opened the doors to arcane powers best forgotten.

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Men have always warred, but a balance had been struck due to the nature of science and technology. During the later years of the galactic republic wars were few, short and relatively bloodless. Morlock would upset that balance and trillions would pay for his quest for power.

On the eve of his millenial year in the universe Morlock let loose the full nature of his powers. He unleashed the dark armies he had been training on an unsuspecting galaxy. His zombie warriors and demon kin fell upon anything with a spark of life... and killed it. A full year had passed before Morlock even thought of taking slaves. Before that all who were caught in the black tsunami of his forces were destroyed.

Morlock would have swept across the entire coreward quadrant if it had not been for Senator Clifton and his plasma raiders. In the course of one month they laid four million fusion mines out of Varion's way. Expecting no resistance and Morlock's arrogance preceeding his troops, his dark forces ran right into the trap.

Morlock's creatures were decimated and his new found worlds were suddenly vulnerable to attack. Here was born the Epsilon Triangulation. Morlock enlisted the aid of the Sleen (who have always hated men) and the Demon Lords of Off Phase 13 to help him maintain his ill gotten worlds. Senator Clifton was able to stop the madness but not destroy it.

In the years to come the republic would fall and the new realms would form. During this time of chaos Morlock would gather his powers. Before the first of the Emporors of the new way would come to power Morlock would yet again wreck evil on the galaxy. Morlock was determined to see his darkness envelope the galaxy and ultimately the universe... From the Chronicles of the Dark Wars by H. M. Bennington.

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