The Beautiful People: Synopsis

"The Beautiful People"

Dolph Newhaus is a Rhodes Scholar at Yale working on his doctorate of engin- eering. He's also very large and often confused for a linebacker which he finds as a never ending source of annoyance. Driving home one night his truck stalls and he is confronted with what might be classified as an atmospheric abnormality. It also might be classified as a bad trip.

Dolph has the misfortune to step into this Will-o'-the-wisp which promptly dumps him in another world. After getting over the fact that he's probably not dreaming he must come to terms with a world where things work very differently. In the lands called Malvalle magic rules not science.

He quickly discovers that his arrival is not an accident and that he has been summoned by the local wizard. Being a good American Dolph is not too crazy about being plucked from his own world to act as an assassin on this one. The King of Malvalle requires Dolph to kill an opposing wizard and return his kidnapped daughter.

He reluctantly agrees to rescue the King's daughter, but refuses to act as an assassin. When he finally meets up with his nemesis, he discovers that Corwin is a fellow American and that the King's daughter is a royal bitch. Nothing is ever easy.

Dolph returns the King's daughter, but is cast in chains for not providing the King with Corwin's head. It is in the King's dungeon that Dolph learns the truth about the beautiful people of Malvalle. He also learns that there are worse things that can happen in a dungeon then torture.

Dolph manages to escape with the help of some of Corwin's magic. Armed with the truth Dolph joins Corwin for retribution. Together they set right a great wrong and unmask the beautiful people.....