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We're going to state it right up front... The Genesis Space book store is merely a front for Amazon.com. So why buy from our Book Store instead of going right to the source? Well, first of all you help support all the crazy stuff that we bring to you here in the Genesis Universe. Since 1997 close to 60,000 people have visited us each year so we must be doing something right. By using our book store you help us continue to bring great content year after year. Secondly we're going to give you our take on on the merchandise. Seeing as your a regular visitor (or even a new comer) you probably like the same stuff we like. Hopefully our recommendations will steer you towards purchases that you might not have gotten, but after hearing our recommendation you'll just have to have. So take a peek below and if you see something that strikes your fancy, by all means pick it up!

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A is for Asimov:

This guy is just unbelievable, talk about prolific, by some accounts he wrote around 470 books. He's the only author to have published books in all ten categories of the Dewey Decimal System. I'm pretty sure he wrote more novels than any other American and the guy had a PHD too! Now if you never read any sci-fi (pretty unlikely but stranger things have happened, like that time with the cat, the eggplant and the transformer... ah... nevermind), then you must start with Asimov's "Foundation" series. This guy introduced so many revolutionary ideas in these books and gave us such unlikely heroes... Next you have to read the "I Robot" series. What price immortality?

AND the guy wrote scads of non-fiction too! Here is a tiny selection of his work

Check out Issac Asimov online at:

B is for Burroughs:

What can you say about the guy who brought us Tarzan? Certainly the whole savage white guy born in the jungle swining on vines genre was created by this guy. Now everyone in the modern world knows about Tarzan, but have you heard of John Carter of Mars? E. R. Burroughs wrote 11 Mars books (Barsoom in Martian) that are just totally cool and bizzare. And then(!) there's the Pellucidar series which takes place in a Jurrasic Park in the center of the earth. Is that cool or what! Oh! And let's not forget The Moon Maid and the other novels which take place on the moon! ANNNNNNDDDDDD!!! there's the Carson of Venus series which takes place on Venus! This guy was all over the solar system! In order to round out your speculative education you have to read these guys!

Check out Edgar Rice Burroughs online at:

T is for Tolkien:

What can you say but he's the man! If it were not for J.R. there would be no modern day fantasy. Elves would still be cute little freaks baking cookies, dwarves would still be dressed in drag cobbling together shoes that no in their right mind would wear anyway, and no one ever would have heard of hobbits (nasty hobbitsessss stole our precioussssss). Our recommendation is read the books and then watch the movies. You'll be glad you did!

Check out J.R.R. Tolkien online at:

Z is for Zelazny:

What! You've never read any Roger Zelazny! This man practically invented modern Sci-Fi and Fantasy. You absolutely have to read the "9 Princes in Amber" series. Long before there was the Wheels of... whatever and Xanth and all the other fantasy series there was 9 Princes in FREAKIN' AMBER. You've got to read it (and these other great books by Roger also).

You must also pick up "Lord of Light". It has one of my favorite lines in it, "That's when the fit hit the Shan". That just cracks me up every time I think about it.

Check out Roger Zelazny online at:

The Alphabet will be filled out as time goes by... (bet you can't wait to see what ends up in Q and X!)

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