CTTA is seeking quality stories of speculative fiction. What is speculative fiction? sci-fi and fantasy are two genres that immediately come to mind. We would also qualify any fictional story that has some twist which bends the edges of reality or any other tale for that matter that is... ahem... askew.

Currently we are only taking electronic submissions. Please put page numbers, your name and story's title on every page in the header. Please double space the lines for the entire story. Please forego sending us your bio. We're accepting stories based on their merit not on who you are (all right we would make an exception for Stephen King, but the story would still have to be good!) Please convert your submission via your beloved word processor to RTF format before submitting and attach it to an email. Submissions should be sent to:


CTTA pays a flat rate of ten American dollars ($10.00) per story via paypal (sorry for the slim number but this is coming out of our personal pockets with no revenue in sight). Currency conversion is the responsibility of the Author. Payment will be sent upon publication. Stories will be kept in our past issues section indefinitely. CTTA pays for onetime electronic publication rights and unlimited archival rights; after publication, all other rights revert back to the author.

Please do not submit uncompleted works, novel excerpts, poetry, pornography, graphic violence for the sake of graphic violence, any story with copyrighted characters, or any story with child abuse.

Having said all of that, please DO submit exciting, engaging, thought provoking stories that will cause our readers to come back time and again. We look forward to reading your finely crafted work!

The Editors.