Tales from the Pit
by Lord Caine

It's hard to believe that this is the tenth issue of CTTA. That's five years of original, imaginative and skewed tales that might not otherwise have seen the light of day… or the glow of a computer screen as it were.

How time flies… do think it's running away from us? I would if I were it!

This issue we've covered at least four different genres and we even have a pirate story! I love pirate stories. Some of my best friends are pirates. I still have fond memories of Black Heart Bart and his full length evening dress and military swagger. He had a penchant for reciting Shakespeare as he let the grape shot fly and was the only pirate I knew who could actually do the "Electric Slide"

Well here's a toast, on the rim of a goblet of blood red wine, to another five years and fifty after that. May you all still have the eyesight to give her a read and the lungs to offer up the occasional whimper of fear, gasp of surprise, or chuckle of amusement.

Until the next issue…

Lord Caine

Lord Caine