Tales from the Pit
by Lord Caine

Another half year has gone by and your favorite rag… vrag(?)… devoted to the odd and fantastic is back again… no not Analog damn it! Chaos Theory:Tales Askew!

So the economy's in the crapper, terrorists are doing their terror thing, the world is getting nice and toasty from all those carbon snacks and the car companies have just gone bust. Good thing we're still publishing. I can't imagine where the world would be with our authors and their particular world view.

Diversity is the theme of this issue. We have SciFi, we have fantasy, we have giant irradiated rats! What's an issue without giant irradiated rats! Has anyone made the move yet? Willard gets pumped?

Be sure to check out our pod cast. It's about a suicide. It's really very funny.

Well I must get back to the pit for a snack. All this talk about rodents has made me hungry…

Lord Caine