Tales from the Pit
by Lord Caine

What a year so far!  Earthquakes!  Volcanoes!  Tornados!  And the biggest environmental disaster of all time!  I have just one thing to say… it’s not my fault!  I had nothing to do with any of it!  Just because I know certain… entities that might have the power and wherewithal  to engage in such activity doesn’t mean I had anything to do with it.

That being said I am releasing one hell of an issue of Chaos Theory:Tales Askew.  We’ve got tales that cover all corners of the speculative genre.  You’re going to read this issue and wonder, “Now what the hell am I going to do with the rest of my life?”

We’ve also  moved the “Letters to the Editor” section and the “News From our Writers” section off of our personally run bulletin board to Facebook.  We’ve done this since we expect a much wider audience and because the little gnome in charge of IT here at CTTA is a lazy little shit and I’m lucky if I can get him to kick the PC once in a blue moon!  He really is a gnome by the way and not at all cute like they portray in the movies…

Enjoy our latest issue and if you feel so moved leave us a missive in our new Letters group on Facebook

Lord Caine