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Tales from the Pit

By Lord Caine

Well here we are a little over six months later and we've actually made it to issue number two. The response to our first issue was overwhelming with over 5,000 readers and we're very proud of our first effort. Of course just as important as readers are authors. Let's face it without anyone to provide us with tales askew, this site wouldn't exist. The number of quality authors who responded to our call for stories was staggering. This has enabled us to provide almost twice the number of stories as our last issue. We hope to continue this trend.

Of course the world has gotten a little more conflicted since our last issue. It's my personal belief in times like these that fiction, especially these flights of fantasy, becomes even more cherished. We need to escape because sometimes the real world can be too... wearing.

So take off your shoes, prop your feet up by the fire and delve into these tales of mystery and imagination. It may be bloody cold outside, but it's always warm in the pit where our tales reside...


Lord Caine