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Tales from the Pit

By Lord Caine

Now you're probably wondering why I, Lord Caine, Regent to the King of the Underworld (didn't know that didja?) would put the Archangel St. Michael on the cover of our magazine. Well, I may be an important figure for the dark forces, but I'm an editor too and any Editor worth his salt will tell you that a publication has to have balance. So here's my tip of the hat to journalistic integrity. Besides, you see that fellow under Micky's foot? That's RatBreath SoulStealer and the son of a bitch never did pay me back the five bucks he owed me.

Evidently the word is getting out about our humble publication. When we started with Issue number 1 we only had something like six stories submitted to us. For our last issue we had about twenty to thirty issues submitted to us. For this issue we've had close to 200 stories submitted to us!

Of course this presents us with a ying/yang kind of situation. On one hand we can present our readers with top notch, high quality stories from new voices. On the other hand we have to reject top notch, high quality stories from new voices. This publication operates on half a shoe string from our own deflated wallets and we have to make some really hard choices.

Having said that, it's comforting for you, the reader, to know that there's a tremendous field of talent out there and you will not be wanting for new tales to titillate for many years to come... at least not from this humble publication.


Lord Caine