Fiendish Fun:

by: The Media Fiend

ALERT The Saga Continues: Well the Fiend actually did make it out Iraq in the middle of last year. Seems he hitched a ride with a bunch of drug smugglers who were moving opium into Turkey over the Kurdish border. Guess why he was in Turkey so bloody long? I'm not saying he's addicted or anything, but his teeth have a new color.

Finally he sobered up enough to realize they were shipping his worthless carcass to a male brothel in Armenia and he managed to slip off the train into the local wilderness. Somehow he ended up in Greece where he lived off the countryside for several weeks and by taking the occasional day job. He finally convinced a rich aunt to send him the money he needed to get back home in the states.

He finally arrived in New York on Christmas day when the worst happened. He tore off all of his clothes, ran around bleating like an idiot and then started head butting the Chrysler Building. Eventually the cops hauled him to Bellevue where they determined he was suffering a severe case of Mad Goat's disease. Too much Greek food I guess.  Fortunately this ailment is reversible and the fiend will hopefully be contributing to our next issue as planned. Of course I'm wondering if they do cure him will anyone notice?

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