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Tales from the Pit

By Lord Caine

If one can determine the zeitgeist of a nation by the submissions of the authors to speculative fiction magazines boy are you guys depressed. The general tone of the latest batch of stories was one of fear, uncertaintiy and doubt. Oh yes and there were a lot of concerns about big brother. Guess Im not the only that noticed that the Patriot Act took away more freedoms from your average Joe then your average terrorist. But what do I know? Im the first Regent of hell. Were not big on freedom down here anyway. Be sure to check out Mummy of the State to see what Im talking about.

Boy are we having some fun with the American public down here in hell. Guess where all those WMDs are! Hah! Weve been letting the lesser demons play with them and its a tossup. The green goulies love the biological based weapons, but the amorphous soul stealers prefer the chemical kind. Unfortunately Hussain didnt have any nukes because we were really looking forward to some far out fireworks.

We hear youre having an election this year. If you think were political down here were not. Why you ask? Obviously we would only vote for those candidates whove sold their soul to us. That means everyone of them would get our vote!

Hey be sure to share the love in this coming political season. Send our link to your friends, family and favorite candidate. They just got to read something more than the polls...