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Tales from the Pit

By Lord Caine

I imagine a few of you think we are temporally challenged here at CTTA.  Why so late with this issue?  Doing the time warp again?  No…  there was another bloody attempt at a palace coup.  When will these people… demons… whatever learn?  The don’t call me LORD Caine for nothing you know. 


Oh yeah they got to keep home base for a little while, but after I mustered my fellows we went back in and as they say in the current vernacular… “We owned them.”


Now there are a few hundred demons in line to interview with the coroner and even I wouldn’t want to keep that date.


To make up for my subjects lack of indiscretion we’re rewarding our readers with five extra stories this issue.  That’s a %50 increase in terrific tales of terrifying, tumultuous titillation (alliteration is so much fun!).  In addition we’re adding a new section entitled “News From Our Writers”.  Here you can find out what feats of literary derring-do your favorite authors have been up to.


In order to keep our fine publication to a truly biannual rate of issue the next edition will be out before December… that is unless the punks get out of line again…