Fiendish Fun:

by: The Media Fiend


Greetings Fiend-Friends!

As the Festivus season has come and gone let’s get right to all the goodies that were gathered around the Fiends aluminum pole. For those of you who aren’t getting the above references…WATCH MORE TELEVISION!

On the subject of television (segue city baby), the first wrapping paper to be wrenched away by my fiendish fangs revealed nothing less than BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: THE CHOSEN COLLECTION. Now for those of you who were put off by the shows title or the god-awful feature film, you missed one of the best written TV shows ever. THE CHOSEN COLLECTION can rectify that for you. 40 discs, all 144 episodes loaded with commentaries, behind the scenes docs., interviews, scripts, and then there’s a bonus disc of nothing but extras as well. The Fiend hasn’t seen so obsessively complete a box set since the Anchor Bay ULTIMATE EDITION: DAWN OF THE DEAD. Miss it at your peril (insert creepy laugh).

Next came a gift for Mrs. Fiend, knowing she loves her Joss Whedon as much as the Fiend himself, and having successfully birthday-gifted her with FIREFLY: THE COMPLETE SERIES, I slipped her some SERENITY on DVD. Now socially-retarded-mothers-basement-living-neighbors-head-in-jar-in-fridge-having fan boys aside, this is the best pop science fiction since the first MATRIX, and has everything going for it that the new STAR WARS movies have lacked. You know little things, like a story worth listening to, characters you believe and care about, and the general sense that it was made by people who actually RESPECT the audience’s intelligence. Be forewarned, the Fiend has a special place he takes people who buy STAR WARS 3 and not SERENITY.

Once the Airing of the Grievances were finished we returned to more unwrapping carnage. Mrs. Fiend, who to this day will not tell me the location of the store she gets them at, presented me with my annual collectible figure from the fiendishly fine folks at ACCOUTREMENTS. “The World’s Handcuff King & Prison Breaker HOUDINI”, complete with straightjacket, rope, chair, handcuffs and leg irons, now stands proudly with POE, HOLMES, and THE ALBINO BOWLER.

Then there was the bi-annual (despite earlier reports The Fiend DOES have a birthday, he was NOT hatched-Eds.) ‘neat stuff’ from Frere Fiend, who is not actually French but brother starts with a B.

 In the way of things you Fiend-Friends can get for yourselves there was MQ Publications THE R. CRUMB HANDBOOK by Crumb and Peter Poplaski. A must have for Crumb Fiends, and a perfect way to introduce him to a non-believer. Comes with Crumb bookmark and cd sampler featuring Crumb and his many bands from the 70’s to today. Buy a brother to buy this book.

In the way of things you can’t get, at least easily, THE GREATEST TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS!!!!! on a beer can. That’s right Frere Fiend outdid himself this year in the category of “want it, never would’ve bought it”, a gin-u-wine 1975 IRON CITY beer can with Super Bowl champs the PITTSBURGH STEELERS. ‘Nuff said.

Following the Feats of Strength, from which Mrs. Fiend was disqualified for fish-hooking, came what is probably the Fiends FAVORITE MEDIA ITEM OF THE YEAR! ROCKSTAR GAMES THE WARRIORS for PS2. This is easily the greatest movie to game transfer ever. As Walter Hill’s original classic really only lends itself to about half a dozen screens of play, the wizards at Rockstar took the bold step of essentially writing a pre-quel to the film. Starting 3 months before the events of the movie we get to know, and play as, all 9 of the core Warriors as you build the gangs rep. There are side missions as well called Flashbacks, which show how the Warriors were formed, and all 9 came to join. Then in the last third of the game YOU PLAY THE MOVIE! With the use of most of the original cast, James Remar as Ajax STILL sounds like the baddest motherfucker around, the voice acting is head and shoulders above most licensed games. But, as with all media, what it gets back to is the writing, and the team at Rockstar has succeeded beyond my wildest hopes. This FEELS like your playing a movie with insanely long action scenes, and dammit’ that’s what the Fiend has waited for his whole gaming life!

Well there you have it Fiend-Friends! While there were many more goodies gotten, this Festive Fiend has got to go. You see the Fiend has family visiting the cave. That’s right, the Old-Fart-Fiends are here and we’ve still got 5,920 minutes to go on THE CHOSEN COLLECTION. So remember Fiend-Friends, dance on your own grave now, and beat the crowds.

                        Until next time- The Media Fiend



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