Tales from the Pit
by Lord Caine

What is it about zombies!  I mean I like zombies… some of my best friends are zombies, but how come so many of the best stories are about zombies?  As you probably know our last podcast was about zombies.  Our next podcast will be about zombies.  One of the written stories in this issue is about zombies.  What’s up with the freakin’ zombies?!


I know!!!!!  The current state of world affairs proves that the globe is being run by zombies!  You’ve got your republican neoconservative zombies!  You’ve got your religious fascist terrorist zombies!  You’ve got your media savvy, beautiful people, in love with themselves zombies.  You’ve got your rip ‘em off while they ain’t looking corporate CEO zombies!


Let’s not forget the white zombies, the black Zombies, the red zombies, the brown zombies and the blue zombies too.  Zombies are diverse, perverse and all around town!  Zombies are stumblin’, tumblin’ dancin’ fools!  Zombies rule!!!!




Feeling a little poetic today… just a little.


It’s hard to believe this is our 8th issue and year 4!  We’ve had the honor of introducing so many new writers and entertaining so many readers.  We hope we can provide this service for years to come. 


Please be sure to check out our podcast.  We’ve enlisted the aid of a new, young actor to do our vocalizations and hopefully we’ll be able to bring you more podcasts with ever increasing frequency.


Until next time…


Lord Caine