Fiendish Fun:

by: The Media Fiend

Greeting Fiend-Friends(the 2 of you know who you are)!


So much has transpired here in the cave, since last we chatted. Your favorite Fiend is going to be a Father-Fiend. So all you child psychologists out there, start warming up your puppets.


Seriously though, what care you good folk about the spawning of the Master Geek Child. It’s not like she’s promised us “No more Michael Bay movies” from the womb (although that has been a recurring dream of The Fiends).

Therefore….I’ll just let ya’ know what I found cool recently.


                        First off, LOST is back….and it’s good again. For once it actually seems as though the creative forces behind a TV show listened to the fans. Now granted it’s only been three episodes of the second half of the season as I write this…..but did I mention I’M GONNA’ BE A DAD!


                        Sue me for feeling optimistic about things.


                        Speaking of optimism. The Fiend finally got around to reading THE RUINS. This is the author/screenwriter SCOTT SMITHS second work in 13 years. His only other being A SIMPLE PLAN. Good film, better book. As to THE RUINS and optimism…I was kidding. It’s a bleak story, but an enthralling one. Smith has a wonderful ability for creating an ever present sense of dread. And in these calming times what more could one ask for. (RIMSHOT!) It seemed a ridiculous premise, and it is, but damn if it STILL doesn’t work. So at the very least …go to the Library.


                        As for the more visually oriented media….. THE ULTIMATE SUPERMAN  DVD COLLECTION lives up to its name. Besides all the Christopher Reeves SUPES, including the DONNER cut of SM2, it has SM RETURNS, all the re-mastered FLEISCHER cartoons, and the GEORGE REEVES SM VS THE MOLEMEN. Not to mention hours of docs, and other bells and whistles. Quite frankly….it’s super.


                        Also taking up the Fiends DVD time have been the following; SLITHER, James Gunns attempt to make the movie we all missed as teenagers in the 80’s…..and he comes damn close.

                        DEAD MANS SHOES, simply put, one of the greatest revenge films ever made. In the Fiends folio it falls somewhere between ROLLING THUNDER and TAXI DRIVER. In a more light-hearted (not to mention empty-headed) vein, there’s BEERFEST.


                        Now the following is the opinion of a Fiend who liked SUPER TROOPERS, but loathed CLUB DREAD.


                        BEERFEST is the greatest movie about drinking beer ever made! Whereas stoners have the CHEECH & CHONG, and HAROLD & KUMAR movies, Beer drinkers have only had STRANGE BREW. An honorable, but less than convincing beer drinkers movie.


                        Now the Fiend, and his fellow “Hops”-Heads have the slob comedy for our times…BEERFEST. I don’t see how this movie could possibly work for anyone who hasn’t at least skated the edge of “Problem Drinkers Lake”, but if they’re willing to get drunk before hand I still recommend it.


                        Well Mrs. Fiend is shouting from the bedroom in something that sounds like Aramaic, and even though the stereo and TV are off I can hear the theme to ROSEMARYS BABY.


                        So the Fiends gonna’ run. Until next time….


Dance on your own grave now and beat the crowds -

                                                                                                                                                The Media Fiend