Manta Class

Mass: 25,000 KT
Length: 550 meters
Beam: 100 meters (at widest point)
Speed Sublight: 10,000 KPS
Speed Hyperdrive: 10 LPH

Power Plant: 2 Henderson Interphased Fusion Reactors. 1 Interphasic Mass Converter for the hyperdrive.

Armament: 4 40 gigawatt Sodium Argon Lasers.
2 Quantum Disrupter Cannons.

Onboard Support Craft: 1 Darkwing Solar Scout. Six Leviathan Class troop transports.

Crew 10 Officers, 100 enlisted, six hundred ground troops and 50 dark Mages.

The Manta class frigate is the backbone of Morlock's fleet. They are relatively inexpensive to build, fast and are configured to deliver the black energies of the Dark Mages that always accompany this ship.

The Manta's are lightly armed with only six main guns. This was by design since the main weapon really is the human (or near human) cargo the frigates carry. The Dark Mages of the Epsilon Triangulation are Morlock's own students and his most feared weapon.

From the ships observation tower the Dark Mages summon their arcane forces prior to any battle. There has been too many a time when a republic battlestar has gone up against two or three Manta's expecting a quick victory only to be destroyed themselves.