I have always been intrigued with the early history of the Republic and the internecine wars that lead up to the period often referred to as the "Dark Wars". Up until Morlock's appearance in the universe and his subsequent blitzkrieg across half the known galaxy, it was a commonly held belief that man would always war amongst himself. After a fashion Morlock's ill conceived plan to rule humanity did yield at least one ray of light. There have been no wars between humans in the thousand years since the end of the Dark Wars. Having been faced with the horrors of the off-phase worlds, mankind has decided it is indeed better to stick together. Better off living with a hated neighbor then ending up on the end of a Demonkin spear.

I have studied this period of history for most of my adult life. I received my first degree in general historical studies at Cronheim University. After that I went on to obtain my masters and then PHD at the prestigious Cornwall Institute on Various III. Indeed my doctoral thesis was an in depth study of Lord Noc's life and his particular contribution to the ultimate defeat of Morlock and his demon hoards.

It was only recently that it occurred to me that no definitive piece had been written on the Dark Wars period. To be sure there have been many works done exploring various aspects of that period (most notably the works of H. M. Bennington), but no all-inclusive study had been done. With that in mind I set out to remedy this historical omission.

My humble efforts at this gargantuan feat are contained in this electronic document. I have drawn on the works of many authors and I think I've given an accurate representation of the people, places and events that were embroiled in this fiery period of human history.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. William Henry Smith

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