Soon after the destruction of the second Halo device the remains of the united colonies decided new measures needed to be instituted to protect humanity from another alien invasion.Maintaining a fleet large enough to protect all of the colonies would have required the militarization of all aspects of human society (much like the covenant was).This was deemed unacceptable and thus was born the idea of the Marine clans.


Each established colony was ordered to form itís own clan of Colonial Marines.In times of war against an alien aggressor all of the clans would rally together under the flag of the federated planets.During peacetime the clans would battle each other on designated training worlds.War is a harsh mistress, but her lessons ensure survival against the xenophobic races expected to be lurking in the dark matter of the universe.


The Dragonís Pride clan is one of the oldest and most revered.It was established on the planet of Draconis III a beautiful earthlike world.The Draconians decided early on that their planet was too beautiful to be taken from them like so many were during the covenant wars.Their Spartan warriors are fitted with the best weapons, armor and vehicles money can by.


Every Dragonís Pride warrior is genetically altered to be best of breed.Regenerative nanites are tailored for each warrior so they have a much greater potential to survive injury on the battlefield.Warriors are trained from birth not only to be great soldiers, but great thinkers, tacticians and strategists.Alone on the battlefield or fighting as a unit clan members are ferocious and devastating in effect.The Dragonís Pride warrior is a singular power in the galaxy not only for the protection of Draconis III, but for all of humanity.