Feel free to use the following avatars at the Dragon's Pride forums. In order to use them:

  1. right click on the avatar
  2. click properties
  3. copy the address of the image (like :http://genspace.com/artwork/trexlunchsm.jpg)
  4. goto Your Control Panel back at the forum
  5. goto personal info
  6. goto avatar options
  7. paste the address you copied into your avatar
  8. click add my own image as my avatar


Every warrior needs a sense of humor or they would go insane with the pressures of constant battle.  Below is al link to an animation crafted in the 21st century about a dragon that should give you a chuckle.

Microsoft Media Player 8.0
Small File Size (1meg)
Low Quality

Microsoft Media Player 8.0
Medium File Size (7meg)
Good Quality

Apple Quick Time 5.0
Medium File Size (5meg)
Good Quality


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