Adrienne Jenkins's Personal Diary

Date: 09/14/2358 Time: 13:11

I was hanging in a bar, down in the ass-end, and ran into this really interesting guy I'd seen around UFP. We had a couple drinks and talked for a while. At the end of the night he asked me out next Friday. I said yes.

Date: 09/20/2358 Time: 11:11

Last nite I went out with LD. He looks like he's about 40 (I know, he's probably too old for me), but he really knows how to party. He makes me feel special. I really had fun. The only drawback is dating him at this end of the rock. He's very well known around here, and I don't think that 'Mister Mayor' would want his daughter dating a guy like him. Anyway, to hell with Daddy. I'll see LD whenever I want (and the way he dances I think I'll be seeing alot of him).

Date: 09/22/2358 Time: 18:41

LD sent me flowers at work. It was soooooo romantic.

Date: 09/23/2358 Time: 23:01

LD just called (we talked for hours). We're going out to dinner together tomorrow nite.

Date: 09/24/2358 Time: 23:55

Silly me! I thought when he said we'd go out and pick up something that he was talking about food. We got some totally fresh crystal and then it was party time.

Date: 09/26/2358 Time: 15:32

Last nite I called LD right after supper, then went straight to bed. I hadn't slept since doing the crystal and was dragging.

Date: 09/27/2358 Time: 15:11

What a night!!! LD took me to a great party. The band was great and there was crystal everywhere. Stayed out until 4am; then we went to his place, took a shower together, did some downs, and drifted off to sleep.

Date: 09/28/2358 Time: 11:41

I think I'm in love!!! I have such a good time when I'm with LD. Can't wait to be with him again.

Date: 09/28/2358 Time: 19:41

Just talked with LD. He seemed a little stressed. I wonder if he's been doing too much crystal? Date: 10/01/2358 Time: 06:01

Oh GOD... LD was MURDERED!!! I talked to him yesterday, and he told me he was going to meet some guy named Vilson in the ass end last night. He sounded kinda upset about this guy, so I decided I'd cheer him up by surprising him after the meeting. I was hanging out in a corridor, just around the corner from where his meeting was. I wanted to surprise him, so I was in the shadows so no one could see me. I saw him walk by around one o'clock. A little while later, I heard a struggle. I waited for a couple of minutes. I was so afraid. Then I went to see if everything was alright. He was lying on the floor, dead. I turned and ran as fast as I could. I don't think anybody saw me, but I'm not sure.

What am I going to do? Daddy will kill me if he finds out I was involved in a murder in the ass end. He doesn't even know I go down there!

Date: 10/14/2358 Time: 11:11

I've been hiding out in the ass end for the last two weeks. I'm so scared. I've been hiding in the engineering section. I've been showing up at Daddy's office on occasion so he doesn't get suspicious, but that's going to have to stop soon. I saw some strange characters down there. They were watching me. I know they were watching me.

I haven't told anyone about what happened. I overheard Daddy say they put some special investigator on the project. I don't know what to do. I think I'm going to hook up with Wally. He's got connections for all kinds of weird network stuff. Maybe he can fix something up for me that can watch my back. Maybe one of those hidden AI's he's always talking about.

Date: 10/27/2358 Time: 20:11

I've been at Wally's for a week now and I feel much better. He's got all of this network security stuff watching me. He got me one of those Mrat things and a really cool HAI named Sneak. I guess that guy Hacker's been giving him a lot of trouble, but he's still been able to help me out. I can't wait until this whole thing is over. I'll never date an older guy again!

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