The Personal Diary of Lieutenant Gerald W. Ricks
The Personal Diary of Lieutenant Gerald W. Ricks

Date: 10/09/2358 Time: 23:00

I'm still a little woozy from the meds. I came out of it about an hour ago. I guess they had to replace my liver. My old one got speared by one of my floating ribs. I broke EIGHT ribs. Doc Wang put me back together pretty good though.

LtCol Jacoby debreifed me for about ten minutes. I guess "Jackson", that's what I called my AI, transmitted all the details right before he checked out. He really saved my ass. He caught that incoming ice cloud in a nano second and managed to steer my Escapade to a vector that got me ejected safely.

Unfortunately "Jackson" and my Escapade got trashed. I don't know what I'm going to do. Jacoby says they may have enough spare parts to build me another one. Me. Escobar, Juvitas, and Chang all flew the "Jackson" Escapade too. Now we're all without wings. I feel like shit.

Date: 10/10/2358 Time: 18:00

They decided to keep me here another day. Doc Wang is talking about keeping me for a week! A week! He says I've got some irregular brain activity or something. I told him that's boredome. I guess I banged my head pretty good when I got ejected. Good thing I didn't crack the faceplate otherwise I wouldn't be so bored. I guess bored can be good.

Date: 10/12/2358 Time: 18:00

Ensign Johnson came by today. I never really noticed her before. She was always just one of the maintenance guys. She was in her civies today and she ain't no guy!

Anyway the good news is they're going to be able to build a new fighter for me! I can't believe it! I thought my space jock days were over, but she says they've got enough spare parts and salvage to build me a new Escapade. I was so happy I gave her a bear hug and asked her out for dinner. I think she was a little embarassed, but she said yes. All of a sudden things are looking up!

Date: 10/21/2358 Time: 22:01

Eve and I have spent just about every spare minute with each other over the past week and a half. I was as nervous as a teenager on our first date, but so was she. I have been totally starry eyed the past few days. My mates are giving me a ribbing every chance they get.

Last night Eve and I made love for the first time. It wasn't sex, it was love. All night long. Soft and senous and caring and listen to me. I'm definatly in love. I can't wait until tomorrow.

Date: 10/22/2358 Time: 22:01

Eve gave me the tour of my new fighter today. This girl has got talent. This ship looks brand new! Not some scrap heap! I am so raced man I can't wait to get into this bad boy. And to top it off she's pumped up every onboard system. She even managed to squeeze out a ten percent increase to the forward lasers. I can't wait to go asteroid hunting.

Date: 11/05/2358 Time: 06:00

We got some strange orders this morning. Where supposed to assist in a recon exercise with the ground pounders today. Someone placed an object on the surface of Genesis which they're calling a nuke for gaming purposes. But why use an Escapade fighter for scout or shuttle work? Eve thinks it's a mission to test fighter Jock's patience. She's such a funny girl, yuk, yuk.

Here's a picture of my new baby that Eve snapped for me from a port observation post.

Date: 11/05/2358 Time: 16:00

I just got confirmation on my orders. I didn't realize how extensive these games were going to be. The Admiral's called out every military unit on board. I think the civies are getting a little bit juiced. They probably think the aliens are coming. I'm ready for some fun anyway.

Date: 11/06/2358 Time: 08:10

I've been flying over thirteen hours straight now. I'm entering this journal entry via my fighter. We found three more bodies a half hour ago. We were ordered to let them be. There's not enough fuel for anyone to come out and get bodies. If they were alive maybe...

I still can't get over the beauty and the terror. I was faced dead on when the nuke let go. I don't know how many vids I've seen of nukes, but when you see it up close and personal... Lucky for me my squadron was flying the edge. We jammed ninety degrees to three o'clock and the shock wave just blew over us. The ninety fifth wasn't so lucky. The caught the blast full on. Patrick was in the ninety fifth. I'll miss him.

Date: 11/07/2358 Time: 08:10

They're just not cutting us fly guys any slack. I came off search and rescue duty and now they've got me flying hydrogen sweeps. I just barely got my batteries recharged. I think I've seen Eve for all of two minutes during the past few days. She told me everyone's flying hydro sweeps. She didn't say what she's thinking, but anyone with even basic physics can figure out what's going on. That damn blast blew us off course. Maybe not by much, but at our speed and distance from New Terra it's not going take much of a deviation to put Genesis in a bad way. One crisis to another. I wonder if the folks back on Earth ever expected this kind of fun.

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