Name: Neddih
Website: N/A
Referred by: N/A
From: In the net if I so choose
Time: 1997-01-30 04:48:00
Comments: Your "bud" hates the name stinky. He calls himself Overdog. He'd like it if you called him that too.

Name: Jack Ironwood
Website: 213-007-99
Referred by: 0047-6052-1154
From: On my locater.
Time: 1997-01-29 09:42:00
Comments: Stryker, I need an authcode to get at Donovan's diary, financials and so on. Let me know when it's done.

Name: Beth Roberts
Website: 213-021-12
Referred by: 1222-1255-3333
From: At home.
Time: 1997-01-29 09:41:00
Comments: Arthur I know where you are and you BETTER get home right now!

Name: Fred Samson
Website: 203-221-99
Referred by: 0247-5235-6120
From: COMNET - 23
Time: 1997-01-17 08:45:00
Comments: Blaster, How come I never know what the fuck you are talking about. Call me on my locater. Fred.

Name: Blaster Mcdanials
Website: 213-191-23
Referred by: 0047-5225-6121
From: Maintenance
Time: 1997-01-17 08:41:00
Comments: Hey Samson! Farquar squibbed the jackboot! Totally fraked the preacher on the first thrust! You gotta tube it back here and get in on the floatation! Universe Man!

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