Executive Producer: A. A. Roberts

Story & Concept by: A. A. Roberts

Senior Editor: Dr. Arthur D. Roberts

Assistant Editor: Daniel Wilmes

MOST artwork and design by: A. A. Roberts & Company

Gallery Artwork:
A. A. Roberts
David Mackay Ballard
Paul Halefi

Midi Music by:
Bruce Biggs
Nater Raster
John Roache (Ragtime Pieces)

Military Advisor
Captain John D. Gwinner, USMC (Hon Ret)

Java Applications:
Lake Applet courtesy of David Griffiths

Genesis Structural Integrity Engineers:
Joyce Donahue
Stanly Heath
F. X. Moon
Diana M. Roberts
Elizabeth Roberts (Beloved Wife)

Special Editor, contributer and profound inspiration:
Elizabeth A. Roberts

Three Dimensional Architects and Engineers:
Bryce Clouds: Jeff Richardson
Cardinal Model: Christopher A. Johnson
Catwoman Model: Nick Noel
Bugman Model: Author - Denis Chiasson
Dragon Model: Anton Akisiel
Knight and Various Weapons: Lords Warrior
SewerRat: Exploding Window
The two poser forums and so many other people there that I can't remember them all!
Travis Texture: Lynn
Various Objects: Ed Baumgarten
Various Models: Bushi
Various Morphs: Traveler
Various Textures: Solo22
Windmill Model: Bill Munn
Wolverine Model: FastTraxx