Ellie Dulan's Personal Diary

Date: 10/02/2358 Time: 11:20

Jack stood me up again last night! I don't know what I see in that man! It was one of my best gigs in weeks too. The crowd was crazy, and the boys were tight. They started dancing during the first number!

Jack said he was working for a client. I guess I believe him. I don't mind him not coming. It's just that when he says he's going to come I get my hopes up and then he's not there. Sigh....

Date: 10/03/2358 Time: 18:20

Jack took me for a picnic in deciduous today! Oh, it was so romantic. He got a bottle of wine, some bread and cheese, a basket, the works! He must have spent a fortune. He brought me to a place I'd never been before. It's a small glade near a brook. The pseudo-sun splashed right where we laid the blanket up against a tree.

We stuffed ourselves and got a little tipsy. Jack put his head in my lap, and I played him some love songs on my flute. Now I remember why I love him!

Date: 10/04/2358 Time: 2:20

Two days in a row! Jack took me to Antonio's today for the most WONDERFUL lunch! I couldn't eat dinner. Antonio put us in a booth in the very back. We had fresh flowers on the table, candles and the most romantic music. I made a pig of myself. I didn't eat dinner. We were there for three hours. I took Jack back to my place, and we made love for anthor three hours. I was almost late for the gig and a little sore.

More good news. Benny Dinova heard me play tonight and asked if he could represent me! Benny Dinova! This could finally be the break I've been waiting for! Today was a dream. I wish it would never end.

Date: 10/05/2358 Time: 12:20

I got a call from Benny today. He got me an interview with Fred Akerson at Travelers Studios. Benny's trying to get me some studio work to start. He says after that and if I impress Mr. Akerson, maybe he can get me a recording deal.

We're supposed to get together for lunch in half an hour and go over my interview with Mr. Akerson. Oh shit I'm late!

Date: 10/11/2358 Time: 15:25

These last few days have been like a whirlwind. I've been so busy. I've had gigs every night and I've started doing the studio work. I got to play all the woodwind parts in one of the scenes for Oliver Rock's new simo!

Jack stopped by tonight. I probably should have been angry at him. He hasn't even stopped by for like five days, but then he told me what he's been up to. Now I'm not angry I'm worried! I know he likes the freedom of being self employed, but I wish he'd pick a safer profession.

Bennie asked me out for dinner tomorrow night before the. Jack's going to be busy again so I said yes.

Date: 10/19/2358Time: 19:51

I ran into Jack today outside of Martino's and he was obviously slushed. I was about to have a fit when he told me he had the dream again. I couldn't be angry at him. I know how he's still torn up inside about his best friend. I just let him be.

Benny called me and wants to have dinner again so we can go over the strategy he's planning to get me in front of the public. I can't wait to see what he's got cooked up.

Date: 10/22/2358Time: 19:51

I swear Jack is trying to make a living out of pissing me off. He asked louis to watch me because of some low life that made a threat. Louis! I love my cousin, but he is out of his mind ever since he got on the crystal. I almost got fired the last time he came out to hear me play. He put three bouncers in the hospital and trashed the place. At least he paid for the mess.

I hope he doesn't mess things up with Benny...

Date: 11/05/2358Time: 08:41

Jack has finally lost his mind. I was so furious at him I couldn't even sleep this morning. Jealousy is one thing, but childish pranks that interfere with my career! I was having dinner with Benny last night and Jack lured me out me out of the pub to lock me between bulkheads. Is he out of his mind!? He claims he didn't do it, but come on, who else would pull such a stupid stunt. I seriously need to reacess my relationship with this man.

I'm supposed to meet with Fran Barksdale today at the Veranda. He wants me to sit in with the Broadcasters for a couple of gigs and he's going to give me some charts.

Date: 11/07/2358Time: 08:30

I feel like such a creep and I'm so worried about Jack. I spoke to Louis and it's obvious someone set me up to get at Jack. They set us both up and almost Killed Jack. If Louis hadn't been there... Louis used to make me nervous, now I'm happy everytime I see him.

And then there was that explosion. I tried to find out if Jack knew anything about it, but he was quiet. I don't know how, but he's involved in it in some way. He lost a friend in that explosion and I could tell it really bothered him. Things have been just so crazy lately.

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