Date: 09/24/2358 Time: 03:30

Krak! That bastard Donovan. Who the hell is he to tell Shadow no!? He won't get me a job in the fore flight deck. Who does he think he is? -Evil

Date: 09/24/2358 Time: 05:34

Evil, Don't use my name on this board, moron! I'll take care of Donovan. Coordinate with Harpy for the equipment you need once your on the deck. -Ice

Date: 09/28/2358 Time: 02:10

Ice, I was keeping an eye on Donovan and noticed him with some young bitch. I'm gonna put an mRat on her. I just want to be sure 'ol Lester doesn't go telling her too much. -Evil

Date: 09/28/2358 Time: 01:31

Evil, Sounds like a good idea. Have hacker give you an HAI for the mRat. -Ice

Date: 09/30/2358 Time: 03:35

Ice, The mRat I tagged to Lester's bitch IDed her. I had the HAI Hacker tied to the mRat do a scan on her through the net. She keeps a diary. We better check it out. -Evil

Date: 09/30/2358 Time: 04:05

Evil, What's this "we" shit. You do it first chance you get. -Ice

Date: 10/02/2358 Time: 16:53


Those fucks Meyerson and Farnsworth pulled me in this afternoon. They got me making a pickup on the vids. I didn't tell 'em anything except Wong's name. I figured that was alright since he was dead anyway. I'm sure they got me tagged, so stay away from me. I'll cool it for a month and try to hook up with hacker. Maybe he can fool the tag.

I gave Harpy the initiater. She said she'd get it installed as soon as possible.

- Evil

Date: 10/02/2358 Time: 23:03


This is the second time you've used my name in a note. I don't care if this supposed to be a secure area. Do it again, and I'll space you myself.

- Ice

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