Family Values Synopsis

Genesis Standard time:

This is one of Mr. Roberts earlier works written in the early 1990's. Interestingly enough it was originally written as a feature screenplay, but became a movie of the week for the Disney owned ABC network. "Family Values" was so popular on network television that three feature length sequels were made. Eventually a Holie was made also.

They are:

More Family Values
Family Values Strikes Back
Return of Family Values
The Saga of Family Values (Holie)


The family that plays together stays together. That's why the Weirdings have gotten their black belts as a family unit. They're also taking their dream vacation together on safari in Africa. Jack and Elizabeth have saved up all of their lives for this romp through nature's playground. Unfortunately they didn't plan on being waylaid by poachers, kidnapped by mercenaries and thrust into the middle of clan wars in Somalia. In the end it is their strength as a family that enables them to persevere.

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