The Personal Diary of Gunner's First Mate Juanita Sanchez

Date: 10/20/2358 Time: 19:01

I went back through fire control today for the forward fifties. I swear someone is jerking around with it. They worked fine yesterday. I ran a test fire for fifty clicks outbound of the outriders and almost took out both satellites. Lieutenant Wilcox was bullshit. I went through the fircon software AGAIN, and of course there was nothing wrong with it. I double checked the database and the gun specs were corrupted.

The Lieutenant apologized after I reported the database corruption and asked me to do a refresh on the database. The next test went fine. Of course, my next questions is how did the freakin' database get corrupted?

Date: 11/05/2358 Time: 12:31

There was a rumor going around the mess hall today that there's going to be some huge drill tonight. It figures. It's my first night off in two weeks and I'm probably going to get called back in to play cowgirl on fire control.

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