AI		- Artifical Intellegnce, computer generated assistants that
		  exist on Genesis' network and assist with operations.

Ass end		- Slang term for lower aft.

Brainpan	- An electronic device that is capable of dumping thought 
		  directly into the net.

Cell		- Living Quarters.

Compsim		- Slang for computer simulation.

Genesis		- The name of this Space Station.

GNN - Genesis Network News. HAI - Hidden Artificial Intellegence - Illegal AI's which are hidden through out Genesis' computer network by various individuals. They are erased upon discovery. INcapacitate - A pepper based spray used to subdue violent individuals. Spray INcapacitate is a trademark of SD Inc. Locater - An electronic organizer, pager, communicator that all inhabitants of Genesis are required to wear. There are three types: Mark I : Belt worn, "beeper" style. Mark II : Notepad, pocket style. Mark III : Headset. Mark IV : Cochlear implant. MRAT - Mobile Roaming Attenuated Tag. These are illegal monitoring devices. Originally they were used by security to monitor subjects. About fifty years ago, during the course of an investigation, a MRAT lodged itself in a critical junction box in one of the atmospheric processing plants. The plant was down for two days. After that incident MRATs were banned. Netdump - The process of dumping one's thoughts directly onto the net via a Brainpan. New Earth - What Terra is often referred to as. The Rock - A slang term for Genesis. Terra - The target planet for the colonists on Genesis. UEF - United Earth Federation - The multinational government that mostly funded Genesis. V.O. - Voice Over (i.e. phone conversations, radio communications, etc.). VRAD - Virtual Reality Adventure - The twenty fourth century's replacement for the movies. VRAD goers actually participate in the story in "participant rooms". Special suits and head gear are worn to immerse the participant in the story line.

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