The Totally Outrageous Personal Diary Thelonius T. Hacker

Date: 10/12/2358 Time: 01:01

Krak wants me to build a net blank for him. I guess that dude Ironwood is totally all over Krak. Krak had me put an mRat on that guy a couple of days ago. By the time I get done with the code they're going to be calling Krak the invisible man. Krak's paying me mucho dinero for this one. The sucker's still trying to pay me with crystal. I know that he's just trying to get me hooked. The guy is such a worm.

In fact I'm getting nervous about Krak. The dude is more on edge than ever and I don't like the way he's talking to me. I think I'll put an mRat on him too. I'll link it back in the archives under the keyword worm. The password will be earth.

I let another HAI into the network again today. Network ops is going to be totally freaked out by this one. This HAI runs through the entire network and alters the compression routines of ALL of the major nodes. I wish I could see the looks on the faces of the operators when they discover there's %10 more room on the network.

I usually enjoy causing the administration great pain, but this HAI seems more like a public service. Of course if I sit around and wait for these morons to figure out a more efficient compression algorithm I'll be old and grey. I need more room on the net now!