Genesis: A Brief History

Genesis (affectionately referred to as, "The Rock" by us voyagers) was originally called Luxor. Interestingly enough it was named after a casino in Las Vegas NOT the ancient city in Egypt (of course the casino was named after the ancient city in Egypt). World Gaming International LTD. bought Luxor from the UEF (United Earth Force in case you live under a rock, wait a minute(!) we all live under a rock!) in 2101 with the intention of building the biggest off world gaming establishment ever.

Unfortunately WGI didn't anticipate the high concentration of nickel and iron in the core of their new asteroid. This made "the rock" VERY expensive to tunnel out. Of course you might ask why didn't WGI just resell the nickel and iron to offset the cost of tunnelling? They were in such a hurry to meet their deadlines that they vented the nickel and iron gas produced by the excavator lasers into space! By they time they were done tunneling they had exhausted the entire budget. WGI fired all of the management associated with the project and sold Luxor back to the UEF at a significant loss in December of 2102.

WGI's loss was the UEF's gain. Most of the work that needed to be done to build an intergalactic ark was finished. Of course the rear section of Genesis still had to be tunneled out for engineering and the main engines, but this was a small task given the work WGI had completed to date. In February of 2102 the UEF began the final modifications on Luxor and renamed the rock Genesis. For the next ten years "The Rock" was carved, dug and excavated to render the largest people mover every built. Millions of metric tons of rock was removed and replaced with millions of tons of equipment, environmentals, and cargo. 312,500 kiloliters of ocean water was shuttled up (which took five years alone!) to fill the oceanic biosphere. Over five million metric tons of organic material was shuttled up and combined with a portion of the excavated rock to fill the Jungle and deciduous habitats. Another 4 million metric tons of sand was shuttled up for the dessert environment and to be used in making cement (the excavated rock was used for that too. It's estimated that during the height of Genesis' construction there was a shuttle leaving with cargo every minute of every day from earth for Genesis.

Finally, on May 14 of 2112 Genesis was christened and the first permanent passengers began to board. The first generation of five hundred thousand was selected based on some minimum requirements of health, intelligence and not least of all fifty thousand standard credits. About half of the this tab was picked up by the member countries of the UEF. The other half were paid for by those passengers that wanted the more spacious births in UFP and LFP. It took the next six months to load Genesis. On October 5, 2112 Genesis took off for New Terra with 551,150 passengers and crew.

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