Jack Ironwood's Personal Diary

Date: 10/01/2358 Time: 01:00

Ellie called me earlier in the evening and wanted to know why I wasn't at the club. I told her I was supposed to be monitoring Mr. Englewood, but I don't think she bought it. I wanted to hear her play, but I havn't got any sleep for about three days. I don't think she's too pissed.

Date: 10/01/2358 Time: 11:00

Stryker visited me this morning. Talk about rude awakenings. I shouldn't complain. Some admin type named Donovan got himself killed down in the ass end last night. Evidently the guy's a personal friend of the president. We're talking beau coup credits. I might finally have enough to move out of this shoe box and get a proper cell for me and Ellie.

Stryker left me the security and autopsy reports this morning. I'll try to get down to the ass end this afternoon after I drop off the report to Mrs. Englewood.

Date: 10/01/2358 Time: 14:11

I dropped off the reports to Mrs. Englewood. I think her husband saw me which is too bad. If experience serves me, he's not going to like me much in a few hours.

I went down into the ass end to check out corridor 67. It looks like someone whacked the entire area with an EM pulse. Surveillance was down, along with some environmentals. It looks to me like Donovan was set up.

I told Ellie I'd try to make it again tonight. Mistake. I think I'm going to be wrapped up with this Donovan thing.

I tried to get a hold of Stryker, but I couldn't get through to his locater. I left him a message on CIVNET to get me authorization to Donovan's personal files. I'll see if I can dig something up out of there.

Date: 10/01/2358 Time: 23:11

I got Stryker's authorization for Donovan's files. They were gone. All of them. I scanned the whole damn net and came up empty. I woke up Stryker and let him know. He just about shit. We've got a class A hacker in the net. A hacker and murderer. It's becoming quite obvious, this isn't just some lovers triangle gone wrong. I'm going to go over to Donovan's cell tomorrow and see what I can see.

Date: 10/02/2358 Time: 01:00

I got a call from Stryker. One of his A.I.'s tagged him a lead to some ass ender named Krak. Stryker thinks this punk might have something to do with the Donovan murder. He wants me to check it out. He hates sending his boys down into the ass end. I think he's afraid they might get dirty or something.

Date: 10/03/2358 Time: 17:20

Ellie and I went on a picnic today. We had a good time.

Date: 10/04/2358 Time:15:00

I went to Donovan's funeral today. I've never seen so many uptight screwheads in one spot. I did a scan on everyone in the place. Maybe someone will show up on the inventory I took and someone will show up who is out of place.

I caught Dan Jenkins', the Mayor of UFS, daughter checking me out. I thought it was a school girl crush thing at first, then I realized she had the scared rabbit look. Do I scare her or turn her on? Only her hairdresser knows. I checked out Donovan's cell today. I found a piece of paper with a riddle on it. I'm sure it's a clue, but as of yet I have no idea what it means. I still havn't gotten down into the ass end yet. I might try to track down this Krak character tonight.

I took Ellie out to Antonio's this afternoon for lunch. I impressed the hell out of her. I introduced her to my new AI. I think I'm going to give him a name. Jeeves. Yeah, that's it, Jeeves. He'll hate it!

Date: 10/05/2358 Time:08:00

It's too freakin' early to be up and doing this shit. Especially since I didn't get to bed until three this morning. Mr. Englewood's contract punks got to sleep earlier than I did. Of course they went to sleep the hard way. I'm going to have to pay Mr. Englewood a visit and discuss the matter with him.

I was going to try and track down Krak last night, but never got around to it. I did find this ring in the corridor where Donovan was murdered:

I have a feeling it belonged to Donovan. I'll try and catch up with Krak today.

Date: 10/05/2358 Time:23:23

No luck finding Krak today. They guy doesn't wear a locator and no one wants to talk about him. He's obviously feared and not well liked. I'm going to have to keep my radar well up with this clown.

Date: 10/10/2358 Time:21:23

I've spent the last five days trying to track down this Krak character. I can't believe this guy! He must be the freaking invisible man. There were a couple of times I was close, but he bolted when he saw me. There's a lot of people down in the ass end protecting this guy. I'm positive he knows something about Donovan.

I dropped in at the Morning Star and listened to Ellie for a while. She wasn't too pissed off at me when I finally told her about Donovan and what I'm up to. She's pretty psyched about some new agent. Dinovi? Banovi? I don't know. I should probably check the guy. I don't like agents.

Date: 10/15/2358 Time:01:09

Still no sign of Krak. This is really busting my ass. I've got everyone I know keeping an eye out for him and still no Krak. I'm going to bed.

Date: 10/17/2358 Time:08:23

I couldn't sleep last night. Stryker's been calling me every day for the past three days trying to get a status and I don't have shit. Well, I don't have Krak anyway. I guess I've got some clues, but none of it makes any sense.

Dr. Wang over in Medical emailed me the autopsy on Donovan last night. I went over it this morning. The main thing that stands out is Donovan had avionics lubricant under a fingernail. The only place you can get that is from one of the two flight decks or from some place in storage. My guess is that he was on one of the flight decks. Of course this begs the question what was the administrator of human resources doing on the flight deck? I'm going to have Jeeves go through deck logs and see if he can find anything.

I went back over the riddle I found in Donovan's apartment. It's obvious the last line is the one that's supposed to mean something. "The image I cast is pure evil". What the hell is that supposed to mean?

The notes on the back of the riddle said , the bitch is a Harpy, the moron is as cold as cracked ice and beware the boots.

I don't know if this was meant to be notes to himself or clues left behind on purpose. Maybe Donovan knew he was going to wacked so he left some insurance around. I'm assuming the three that are mentioned are associates of some kind. Let's see:

Harpy: gotta be a woman. He calls her a bitch so she must be a tough character.
Moron: I'll assume it's a guy given the choice of moron over bimbo. I'll also assume he's either a user or pusher of crack.
Boots: Could be either male or female. Someone to be feared.

Of course he uses the term cracked ice. Could be Johan Krak. It's too close to be a coincidence. I have got to pin down Krak!

Date: 10/18/2358 Time:04:23

Christ! I had another nightmare about Victor again. It's been five years and I still can't get it out of my head. That look on his face as he reached for me...

It's the same dream every time; just like it happened. We were doing an exterior battle simulation on the surface about twenty clicks out from flight deck one. Ngyun and Scagnetti were off to my left and Rodriquez was off to my right. We were packed real light. We just had our environment suits and the auto-flechettes.

We had just run about thirty meters because they were putting down a simulated mortar barrage around us. We were all beat because had been up all night partying. We had forgot about the exercise scheduled for today and we were paying for it. We hid behind this rock crest that stood before a long flat spot. The mortars stopped and we popped up and sprayed the area in front of us with flechettes. They had about forty holo projectors simulating the enemy and we nailed 'em.

Rodriquez was psyched! He popped over that crest with a whoop that would curl your hair. The rest of us felt more like throwing up than running so we were way behind Rodriquez. All of a sudden all of the projectors went dead. Rodriquez was about half across the flat spot and thirty meters in front of us when this blue bubble comes out of no where from the starboard side of Genesis.

It just set down on top of Victor. He turned to look at us and gave me this weird smile like "What the fuck is this?". Then he starts to sink into the rock. That smile changed to terror. I started for him, but Scagnetti and Ngyun held me back. He just kept sinking and he started to turn grey. He reached out for us... He looked at us like "Why aren't you helping me?"...

That was it. He turned to stone and he's still up there with that look and I'll never be able to forget it even if I want to.

I think I'm going to spend the day in a bar today. Fuck work.

Date: 10/19/2358 Time:12:22

I'm seriously paying for yesterday. My head feels like it's ready to explode. I ran into Ellie and she had that look like she was about to take my head off. I said two words, "The Dream", and she left me alone.

I'm going to check with a couple of my moles today. I'm pulling out all of the stops. It's time for Krak to start feeling the heat.

I finally got the DNA scans on the ring I found. The told me it belonged to Donovan. I guess I'm suposed to be surprised. Date: 10/19/2358 Time:24:32

I cast my snitch net today. I must have talked to fifty of the slimiest characters to smear the interior of the rock (with a splitting headache no less). It's bad enough dealing with these clowns when I'm feeling good. I figure by tomorrow Kraks going to start getting a little hot under the collar. I'm going to bed.

Date: 10/20/2358 Time:09:55

I underestimated Krak. I got a note on CIVNET today. In his cryptic but none to subtle way he told me to back off or he'd hurt Ellie. He's underestimated me. I know Ellie's not going to like it but I'm going to talk to her cousin. He owes me and I know he'll watch Ellie if I ask him to. There's not a man on Genesis that can get by that crazy S.O.B.

Date: 11/04/2358 Time:05:45

I just got a call from Stryker. Someone waxed our cannibal. He wants me down in medical although from what he's told me there's not much left to see except a spot on the floor. Someone boosted the gravity in the room past the safties. I can see it's going to be a long day.

Date: 11/05/2358 Time:08:35

My head feels like a ripe guava melon stuffed with fruit flies. Guava melon? Guava Fruit? Guava jelly. Yeah that's it. My head feels like guava jelly. I'm going to meet that walking dude again and I'm going to show him just what I think about somone that hits me from behind. I'm going to explain it to him long and hard. Son of a bitch.

I'm supposed to go down to Stryker's office and start going through all of the stuff they pulled out of Hacker's cell. They never did find the little shit. It makes me nervous knowing that punk's lose on the station. He's capable of doing a lot of damage. I'm going to have to have Wally keep an eye out for him. I'd like to talk to Hacker too. It probably wouldn't take much to get data out of him.

Ellie's totally pissed off at me. She still thinks I'm the one that locked her in between bulkheads. She thinks I'm jelous of that creep agent Benny Dinova. Of course I'm jelous, but I didn't lock her in between bulkheads. I'd like to talk to that little fuck long and hard too, but that'd just get me in more trouble.

Date: 11/06/2358 Time:22:35

What a day. I've spent the past ten hours going through volumes of data from Hacker's equipement with Ms. Cannon and Stryker's people. Hacker was a busy little beaver. He spent most of his time makeing up illegal hardware for aft enders, but there was lots of leads for Shadow contracts. I think we've made some real progress. Hell we might even have enough to figure out what Shadow is! I'm going to bed.

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