mRat: #194847637 feed to HAI ABG.234-8981

Tagged To: Ironwood, Jack, A.
GENSTAT number: 0047-6052-1154.
Date Assigned: 10/5/2358
Monitoring Period: INDEFINITE.

Date: 10/05/2358 Time: 02:32


VISUAL SCAN - Subject is wearing black jeans, a black tank top, "long rider" style black coat, and black "wrecker" style boots. He is also wearing a type III locater (auto headset).

EM SCAN - Is not possible, due to the location. All scanners in Corridor 58 through 71 are out.

Jack looks back over his shoulder as he makes his way down corridor 66.  
Three large shadows merge with the walls.  Jack smiles.  He taps the ear 
piece of his headset.  The microphone swings into position.

	Yo, Jeeves.

	Yes, most wondrous lord and master.

Jack chuckles at his A.I.s sarcasm.

	Jeeves you're too kind.  Just lord and master
	will do.

	Is there something I can do for you or did you
	just require someone to torture?

	Actually you'd fall into the some "thing" category
	wouldn't you?

	Thank you so much for reminding me.

	I've got three shadows following me, rather poorly
	I might add.  Can you get me an ID?

	It is my most profound wish to bow and scrape 
	for your every desire, but, unfortunately, all 
	scanners are down in corridors 58 through 71.


	I'm afraid so.  I believe maintenance is afraid
	to go down into that area.

	I'm not crazy about it my self.

Jack rounds a corner into a new corridor.  A large yellow 67 is painted on 
one wall.  Jack snakes a hand under his coat and loosens his auto pistol
in its holster.

	I REALLY wish your scanners were up.

	I wish I could comply.

	Concern Jeeves?  I'm touched.

	It's my prime directive.  I have no choice.

Jack smiles.  Some of the lighting is out, leaving long shadows and dark
corners.  Condensation has caused water to pool in various spots.  The
only sound is  the click of Jack's boots on the stone floor.

Jack stops about midway down the corridor and examines the piping along
one wall.  He reaches under his coat and pulls out an M11 multi-comp.  He
pulls back a faux leather cover and massages the LCD screen underneath.

A faded red beam shoots from one end of the multi-comp.  The transparent 
holographic image of Donovan's body coalesces on the floor near the piping.
Jack places the multi-comp on the floor, stands back and takes in the scene.

	This is where he got whacked.  It's obvious
	he was ambushed.  His wallet was intact, his 
	locater, all of his personal effects.  This wasn't
	a robbery.  It was a hit... but why?

Jack crouches on his knees and scans the space under the pipes.  There is
the glint of light on metal.

	Ho, ho!  What do we have here!

Jacks stands and spins to face the voice that comes from behind him.

Three large men all dressed in black stand a few yards away.  They all
cradle baseball bats.  Black masks cover their faces from the nose up.  
Their smiles would be just as at home on the faces of wolves.

	Let's see... you can't be Yankees.  The uniforms are 
	the wrong color.

Jack folds his hands behind his back and under his coat.

			HITTER #1
	Mr. Englewood wanted us to deliver you a message.
	He's very upset with your interference in his personal

	I was hired by Mrs. Englewood to investigate Mr.
	Englewood's alleged infidelity gentlemen.  I was
	just doing my job.

Hitter #1 bounces his bat off his palm.

			HITTER #1
	Well... we're just going to do ours.

The three men break and circle Jack.  Jack rips off his headset and
flings it under the piping against the wall.  At the same time a hand
withdraws from under his coat.  He snaps his wrist and two feet of steel 
extend from what looks like a bicycle handlebar.

	Mines not as long as yours, but it's harder.

Hitter #1 smiles.  Once they've surrounded Jack they pause.  Jack 
occasionally flips his steel around swishing the air.  Hitter #3 is 
directly behind Jack.  He swings his bat high overhead and makes 
to charge.  Jack fires a back kick directly into Hitter #3's face.    
Hitter #3 is launched backwards into the piping.  His head makes a 
resonant clang as it hits a pipe.

	Stiiiiiiiiirike One!

Hitter #1 is no longer smiling.  He and Hitter #2 both charge.  Jack in 
turn charges Hitter #1.  He bats away the incoming blow with his steel and 
simultaneously slams the back of Hitter #1's knee.  Hitter #2's blow passes
through empty air.

Hitter #1 stumbles to his knees.  Hitter #2 jumps over him and swings a 
downward strike at Jack's head.  Jack spins, blocks upward and catches 
the blow.  A front kick fires into Hitter #2's groin.  He folds up.  Jack 
kisses the back of his head with the steel.  Hitter #2 goes down.

	Stiiiiiiiiirike two!

Hitter #1 jumps to his feet and spins.  He growls at the sight of his second
downed partner.  Jack steps over the prone hitter toward his opponent.  Hitter
#1 spins his bat in front of him in figure eights.  He jumps with a flash and 
a sweep at Jack's head.  Jack jumps too and the sound of wood hitting
metal echoes through the hall.  The two pass harmlessly by each other.

They spin, close and strike.  The two men have switched to short, quick two 
handed strikes with their weapons.  A flurry of wood and steel flashes before
the two men.  Jack strikes and slides a leg in.  He catches the inside of 
Hitter #1's right leg and the man is rocked back off balance.

Jack's steel flashes down on the bat.  It's knocked aside.  Jack lunges with a 
head butt to Hitter #1's nose.  The nose explodes with a crimson shower.
Jack fires a light jab to the hitters throat, a front kick to his groin and then 
the steel to his temple.  The hitter goes down.

	Stiiiiiiiiirike three!  You're all out.

Jack smiles and collapses his steel.  He returns it to the holster at the
small of his back.

	Did you say this is your profession?  You're
	not very good at it are you?

Jack retrieves his headset from underneath the piping.  He places it back
on his head.

	I assume from all of that grunting that you 
	were either engaged in some cretinous
	violent affair or group sex.  In either case,
	are you alright?

	I'm afraid it was a tango with cretins, and I'm

	I assume the cretins are not.

	You better get medical down here.  I don't want
	them dying on me.  The paperwork...  Let's see,
	where was that?

Jack gets down on his hands and knees and begins feeling around under
the piping lining the wall.  Eventually he comes up with an insignia ring.  
The insignia looks like this:


	Would this sound be an indication of your 	
	thought processes attempting to attain coherence?

	I found something.

	And that would be?

	A ring with an insignia on it.  It's an S with a 
	lightening bolt through it.  I've never seen it
	before.  It's not a corp insignia, or navy for 
	that matter.  It's not a fang symbol either.

	What is a fang symbol?

	Some of the clowns down here in the ass end
	have formed gangs.  Instead of gangs, they 
	call them fangs.  They have their own symbols,
	handshakes, all that kind of crap.

	Who do you think owned this ring?

	I don't know, but I intend to take it to security and
	find out.  I'm sure there are skin flakes or some 
	DNA bearing substance.  We'll match it.

	Very clever.

	In the meantime I'd like you to do a database run
	and see if this symbol shows up anywhere.

	Your wish is my command.

Jack steps over Hitter #1's body on the way out.  He pockets the ring with a
smile, knowing he's just found one more clue. 					

Date: 1/04/2358 Time: 12:32

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Mr. Ironwood is wearing green plyon jeans, a kacki low rider shirt, "long rider" style black coat, and black "wrecker" style boots. He is also wearing a type III locater (auto headset).

EM Scan - Electromagnetic fields indicate Mr. Ironwood has a 9mm Krukov auto pistol holstered under the left shoulder. A nine inch stiletto is sheathed in one boot. A 10 ml can of INcapacitate spray is housed in the both coat pockets. Possession of these objects by subject is not a security violation since he is authorized to carry them by MILCOM, authorization order 324-8812-A.

Jack looms out of the mist that plays about the piping which juts from
the ground around him and disappears into the ceiling overhead.  There
is a faint humm of machinary and the sound of moving water.  Somewhere
overhead a cracked pipe leaks some of it's contents and fills a small

Jack casually strolls to the center of a space that is clear of machinary
and pipe.  He draws a long thin cigar and lights it.  For a split second
The flame causes more shadows to dance in this poorly lit place.

Seven more shadows detach from the mist to surround Jack.  Each of
the scarred, raggedy young men carries a blunt or edged weapon of
some sort.  Their leader, Eddie Fat, has a .45 automatic holstered under
one shoulder.

Eddie is cut from a small section of steel.  He is wirey and short, and 
built for speed.  Eddie studies Jack for a second.  

Jack blows a cloud of smoke which joins with the mist.  He remains silent.

	What do you want Ironwood.  You called us 

	You never write anymore Eddie.  I missed you.

Despite himself Eddie cracks a smile.

	You a funny guy, Jack.

Jack shruggs.
	I need some data.

	Data costs.  Like everything else.

	Of course, and the data I want I'm sure is
	going to be real expensive.

	Where'd you learn how to haggle, Jack?
	You doing it all wrong.

	I want to know about Johann Krak and Shadow.

Eddie's wise ass smile is replaced by shock.
	You come to the wrong place for that data
	Jack.  I like breathing.

Eddie turns to go.


Eddie stops and turns. 

	I checked Stryker's party list.  He's got seven
	Wu Tu locked down and three of those are on
	ice.  That's got to be putting a crimp in Wu
	Tu's style.  I hear you boys don't even control
	three levels anymore.

Eddie's expression turns to rage.

	That's a lie!  We control 95 through 100 all through

Jack smiles and blows another cloud of smoke.

	When Monster was heading the fang Wu Tu
	held 90 through 100.

	Yeah well, Monster's dead and he wasn't
	banging  heads with three fangs at once.

	I hear Enrique is giving you a hard time.

	Enrique's a punk.

	Enrique's also got twenty fang members 
	and you got-

Jack starts counting the young men surrounding him.

	Six.  Six!?  I remember when the Wu Tu were
	fifty strong.

Eddie is fairly fuming.  His boys are looking at him wondering
what he's going to do to Jack.

	If I could just free up some of those Wu Tu
	from Stryker's lockup.  Boy I'd bet that'd 
	really help wouldn't it.

Eddie rolls Jack's words over in his mind.

	How many can you get out?

	That depends on what kind of data you have.
	I'm I haggling right?

Eddie sneers.

	Krak works for Shadow.

	Tell me something I don't know.

	Evan Vilson works for him and so does
	a fat guy named Leach.

	O.K. that's good.  And they all work
	for the Walking Dude.

Eddie starts.  His face goes pale.  The rest of the Wu Tu shift

	You shouldn't say that name too loud.  He
	may be listening.

	I thought you weren't scared of anyone 

	The Walking Dude ain't just anybody.  Who
	do you think did Monster?

Jack soaks this in for a second.

	What's he look like Eddie?

Eddie shruggs.

	He's a ghost man.  The only ones that've
	seen him are dead.

	Come on Eddie.  You're giving real thin.

	He likes boots.

Jack spins to the tall thin fang member.


	He likes boots.  I found Monster after the 
	Walking Dude got through with him.  Right
	before he died he said to me, "He really
	kicked the shit out of me.  Nice boots though".

Jack takes a thoughtful drag on his cigar and then turns back 
to Eddie.

	Who's his hacker Eddie?

Eddie studies Jack for a second before he answers.

	T. T. Hacker, some just call him Hacker.

	Seems a little redundent.

	He's bad, Jack.  Don't mess with him.

	Tell me about Shadow.

	I want all my boys out, Jack.

Jack blows more smoke.

	I can pull the one's out of lockup.  I can't
	pull the ones out of cyrogenics.

	You're asking a lot for a little.  I want all
	my boys.

	Your ice cubes are down because of man
	slaughter, Eddie.  There's no way I can get
	them defrosted.

	I tell you about Shadow and I'm going to end
	up like Monster.

	Don't tell me and Enrique will finish you off.  It's
	called a rock and a hard place, Eddie.
Eddie studies Jack and then lets out a sigh.

	Shadow's old.  Real old.  They started the
	crystal trade.

Jack snorts.

	Comeon  Eddie.  Crystal's been dealt on this rock for 
	two hundred years.

	It was Shadow who started it.  They've been into
	a lot of different shit.  Some times we talk about it.

A few of the Wu Tu nod in ascent and look behind them as if they 
expected Shadow to be at their backs.

	They shit they been into, it's like...

	Like what?

	It's like they just want to keep Genesis down.
	Like they want to spread evil.

	They dark, man.  They the evil.

	Somtime we talk.  We think we brought something
	with us from old earth.

	The Walking Dude.

	Not just him.  We think we brought something
	evil.  It calls itself shadow, but on Earth I think
	they called it the devil.

Jack starts to smile and then it fades away.  He sees the Wu Tu 
believe what they are saying.  Jack spins on a heel and exits into
the mist. 

	Your boys will be coming home soon, Eddie.
	Try to keep them out of trouble.

Eddie smiles and then leads his boys into the gloom.

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