The Personal Diary of Ensign Evelyn L. Johnson

Date: 10/10/2358 Time: 19:10

They gave me what was left of Lieutenant Ricks Escapade today. It looks like a rip saw went through the center of it. The wings were trashed. Lt. Commander Jacoby wants me to try and piece a new one together from Ricks' fighter and the other ones we've lost over the past few years. It's going to be a challenge, but I think I can do it. I may even make some enhancements!

The first thing I gotta do is go through and re-inventory all of the parts to make sure I got what I need. If not, I'm sure they'll authorize me to take what I need out of cargo. I can't wait to start tomorrow.

Date: 10/11/2358 Time: 21:34

I finished up the inventory today and got a work area authorized. I got all the parts I need, except a mark III afterburner. The Admiral signed an authorization for me to take it out of cargo. I'm supposed to pick it up tomorrow. All the parts and wreckage are being delivered to my AO tomorrow also. I can't wait.

I got my team assembled today also. I got five engineers reporting to me for this project. I gave them their orders today. I also asked for any ideas as far as enhancements go. They all had some good ideas. I'm thinking of stopping in and visiting Lieutenant Ricks tomorrow. I hear he's pretty depressed about losing his fighter. Maybe if he knows I'm building him a new one he won't feel so bad.

Date: 10/12/2358 Time: 20:11

We got started today on the new Escapade. Most of my time was spent dealing with inventory and administration of the team. My engineers are hot to get their hands dirty.

I visited Lieutenant Ricks today. I felt like Santa Claus. I've never seen someone so happy before. He gave me a hug! I probably turned ten different shades of red. Then he asked me out for dinner! How could I say no? Besides he's really cute.

Date: 10/14/2358 Time: 18:11

Tonight's my night to go out with Lieutenant Ricks and I look like shit! I've been working on his reconstituted Escape all day and I've got dirt under my fingernails! My hair's a mess! Why am I wasting my time writing this!

Date: 10/15/2358 Time: 01:11

It was a dream! He's so cute and sweet and kind and oh God I think I'm in love! No. I can' let that happen. I'm sure he's just being nice to me because I'm fixing up his ship.

Date: 10/15/2358 Time: 12:11

I just got off the phone with Gerry. That's what he asked me to call him! He wants to go out again tonight. I told him no. He sounded heart broken! It was so cute. When I told him it was because I had to work late on HIS fighter he perked back up. We're on for tomorrow night. I can't wait!

Date: 10/21/2358 Time: 22:11

Gerry and I seduced each other last night. No one's ever treated me like that before. He was so gentle and caring. He actually cared about how I felt. I've fallen head over heels for this man. I'm so scared. What if he doesn't feel the same way? If he tells me he's not interested tomorrow I think I'll space myself.

Date: 10/22/2358 Time: 23:04

I was so nervous when Gerry showed up this morning, but he greeted me with a kiss and my fears just melted away. Of course my fellow unit members had to tease me all day long. I gave Gerry a tour of his new fighter and I could tell he was salivating to get in it and take it for a ride. Hopefully that will be soon.

Date: 11/05/2358 Time: 16:45

I just got orders to report to ship prep. I guess the rumors are true. My entire unit has been mobilized. We're to have every unit up in thirty minutes! I better get going.

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