A.I. #02Z01

Subject: Varchone, Louis
GENSTAT number: 0047-1062-1053.
Date Assigned: 5/14/2354 Service Period: 5/14/2360.
Transcript ref number:N/A

Date: 10/20/2358 Time: 03:23


VISUAL SCAN - Louis is wearing tattered blue jeans, a dirty, baggy sweatshirt and hightop red sneakers. He has not shaven or bathed for three days.

AI LOG: I am growing increasingly concerned with my assignment's condition. Louis has reprogrammed my prime directive so I may not alert medical or security as to his present condition. He has been on a crystal binge for three days now. His netdumps have indicated an ever increasing erratic personality. In addition, the people he has been associating with recently are, to say the least, less than reputable. I am maintaining this log in the event that my contract is expired along with Louis.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Of course, I have a crystal problem, but this is the path I have chosen. I need to open a door. I am an artist. I need to be more than I am. I need to see beyond the walls of this floating rock into the infinite expanse beyond. I am an artist.

I paint with my hands. I paint with my feet. I draw such wonderous conclusions with every part of my body, in perfect rhythm. I can not do it alone for mine is a collaborative work. Ah, here come my fellows now....

AI - VISUAL SCAN - Three rough types typically referred to as ass enders pick their way through the jungle of piping that makes up this juncture. The first one is called Spike Levers. He stands 2.1 meters and weighs in around 101 kilos. He is dressed in black leather. A meter long steel rod dangles from one hand

The second tumbler is Fredrick Schmidst. He stands 1.9 meters and weighs in around 99 kilos. He too is dressed in leather. Steel points cap his wrecker style boots. He smiles as he flips around the two short steel bars in his hands.

The last ass ender is Parker Kurtz. He stands 1.75 meters and weighs around 80 kilos. A long sinuous wire dangles from one hand. At either end of the wire is a ring which is sharpened at the edges. It is a killing toy.

Louis sits on the floor against a tangle of iron pipes.  His knees are drawn
up to his chest.  He hugs his knees as the men approach.  He shakes a little.  
The three men stop in front of him.  They wear the smiles of wolves.
	A thousand credits Varchone.  Where are they?

Kurtz swings his toy in front of him like a pendulum.  Schmidst nervously 
clicks his rods together.  Louis looks up through his unkempt hair.
NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Look at them, my brothers. So beautiful. So perfect for the most expressive of canvases.

	A thousand credits?  A miserly sum for such artistic

	Say what?

	He's cranked.  We're not getting anything out of him.

	We better or he's gonna be a smear.  Daddy and mommy
	gots lots of money, right Varchone?

Louis points at Spike's rod and Kurtz's wired rings.

	These are your brushes?

	What the fuck is he talking about?

	A thousand credits, Varchone!  You said you 
	were good for it.

	I am, but this is the cost of the canvas and 
	pallette from which we must paint.

	I'm tired of this crank speak, Spike.  Let's just
	waste him.  He's probably got the grand on him.

	I do.

Kurtz sneers.  He begins to swing one ring in a deadly circle before him.

	That does it.

Kurtz shoots the ring for Louis' head.  Louis slides to his back and sticks 
a foot straight up in the air.  The wire wraps aroud Louis' leg.  The ring 
bites through the flesh into his leg.  Louis smiles at the pain.

Louis jams his foot back into the ground.  Kurtz is yanked off balance and 
into Louis.  Kurtz's head slams into the piping.  From his back on the ground 
Louis fires off three punches to Kurtz's throat and then pushes him aside.  

Louis reaches over his head and pushes away from the wall.  He does an 
acrobatic kip up and lands on his feet.  He makes a circular motion with his 
leg and unwinds the wire that is wrapped there.  Kurtz gags blood by the wall 
and then is silent.

	Truly an auspicious beginning.  A well traced form.

A dumbfounded Spike and Schmidtz stare at their still commrade.

	You fuck!

	Surly you can do better than that.

	You cranked fuck!

	That's not really what I had in mind.

Schmidst screams and launches himself at Louis.  Steel bars flash like the 
wings of a rearing eagle.  Louis backs off until he is against the wall.  The 
bars fly for Louis' head, but meet the outside of his arms.  Louis grimaces 
at their bite.  Louis ducks an over committed blow for the head and steps 
behind Schmidst.

Louis jams a foot behind Schmidst's knee.  Schmidst rocks back.  Louis grabs
a chin with one hand and a fistful of hair with the other.  There is an audible
snap.  Louis gently lets Schmidst slide to the ground.

	Was it not perfection?

Spike's confidence has been replaced with a cold sweat.  He cradles his 
steel bar in sweaty palms.  He looks at his two dead commrades.  Fear 
begins to gnaw at the edges of his limited consciousness.

	What's your story Varchone?  You a vigilante 
	for the morality league?

Louis looks confused.

	I am an artist, practicing my art.

	You're a cranked screw is what you, are and I'm
	gonna put you down.

Spike screams and rushes Louis.  A vicious down blow tracks Louis' 
forehead.  Louis deftly steps to the side.  The bar swishes empty air and 
Spike sails past Louis. 

Spike spins with a wild swipe, but Louis is far out of range.

	I thought you were an artist too, but that was the blow
	of an unschooled doodler.  Don't make me angry.  Try

Spike screams.  Rushes.  He jabs for Louis' midsection.  Louis turns and 
the bar brushes cloth.  Spike grabs the middle of the bar and strikes at 
Louis' head with a multitude of blows.  Louis steps back batting them away.

	Much better!  Now there's some artistry.

Louis manages to grab either end of the bar.  He drops to his back placing a 
foot in Spikes chest as he does so.  Spike is lofted over Louis onto his back.  
Spike hits the ground with a grunt.  Louis now has the bar.  Louis stands as 
Spike rolls to his stomach and gets up onto his knees.

	Do you mind if I try your brush?

Spike jumps to his feet.  Louis flashes.  The bar kisses Spike's cheek.  He 
spins with the blow.  Louis whacks the back of his leg with the bar.  Spike 
falls to his knees with a scream of pain.  Louis gets behind Spike and 
places the bar against his throat.  He locks it there by forming a triangle
with his arms and by placing his hands behind Spike's head.  Spike 
struggles and then is silent.
NETDUMP - VARCHONE:What do you think Nicodimous? What rapture! What passion! Have you ever seen a greater work of art?

AI:I think you're sick Louis. I think you need help. Let me help you. Take the net lock off of me.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Everyone's a critic. Can you find no beauty in what I have wrought?


NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Ah. That is sad. But I am determined Nicodimous. I will strive until I have found you the perfect work of art.

AI:Please don't bother on my account.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:You are my best friend Nicodimous. I shall not rest until I have completed a piece that you find satisfactory.

Louis drops the bar and smiles.  He strolls off into jungle of 
steel and copper piping.  He whistles a cheery tune.

Date: 10/21/2358 Time: 11:30


VISUAL SCAN - Louis is wearing tattered blue jeans, a dirty, baggy sweatshirt and hightop red sneakers. He has not shaven or bathed for four days. He is lying very still under a cluster of leaking pipes.

AI:Louis? Are you awake.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Yes, Nicodimous. I feel very drained.

AI:You killed three men last night.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE: You are generous in your assessment of those vermin. Human rodents I would say.

AI: That's why you killed them?

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:I killed them to polish my skills as an artist.

AI:Louis you must stop this. Security will find you and put you into cyrogenics. Given the crimes you've committed they'll never thaw you out.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Crimes? Eradicating this filth from Genesis is not a crime. It is a service.

AI:I don't think the Administration or security will agree with you.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Obviously this does not concern me.

Louis begins to convulse. The convulsions stop and he begins to shiver.

AI:The crystal is killing you.


AI:What are you going to do?

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:I think I'll return to my cell and take a shower. I haven't been there for a while.

AI:A month.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Good thing I left that little program running to make it look like I'm there. People might get suspicious.

AI:Louis why don't you get help?

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Because Nicodimous, in order to do what I must do, I must stay this way.

AI:And what is it you must do?

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Purge this station of the cancer we brought along. Last night was a beginning.

Louis struggles to his feet and clutches himself in an attempt to warm up. He follows the pipes for several meters until he comes to a grate in the wall. He pulls the grate away from the wall and climbs into the venting. He replaces the grate before he disappears into the air conditioning.

Date: 11/04/2358 Time: 20:20


VISUAL SCAN - Louis is wearing Chevau black silk pants, a peasant style black silk shirt, and Bernaud Erupter brand boots. His blonde hair is tied back in a poney tail and and he wears a silver celtic cross about his neck.

AI LOG: I am very relieved that Louis has not had crystal for a few days now. He seems to be much more stable every since Jack Ironwood asked him to watch his cousin. I hope this period of calm lasts.

AI - VISUAL SCAN - Hooligans is mostly empty except for a few lone diners. Ellie and Benny (her agent) are enjoying a quite meal off in one corner. Louis watches them from a dark corner. His face is a blank mask.

AI:You seem to be enjoying this assignment, Louis.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:You know I love my cousin. This is a small think to do.

AI:Why don't you ever talk to her?

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:I make her nervous. Artistically we are kindred spirits. Socially we are... different.

AI:You mean she does not care to indulge in the occasional murder.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Please Nicodimus I don't care for another lecture. Besides what I've done can't be classified as murder... pest control maybe.

AI:I'm sure security wouldn't agree.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Yes, well you know how much that concerns me.

Ellie's laughter rings across the room. Varchone smiles.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Even her laughter is musical.

AI:Sometimes I wonder how healthy your feelings for Ellie are.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Fret not Nicodimus they are pure and chaste from afar.

Varchone holds up a finger and points at Benny.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:That one however, I think has plans that go beyond chaste. I wonder if Ironwood knows.

AI:How can you be so sure?

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:I've had dealings with this one before. He is scum. As a matter a fact, there are really only two people in this world I care about anymore. One of them is sitting at that table.

AI:And the other?

Varchone smiles and starts over toward Ellie's table.


Louis slides in from behind Ellie and gives her a peck on the cheek before she even knows he is there. She starts. Benny looks up and goes pale.

	Louis!  You startled me.

	Hello cousin.  How's my favorite musician

Ellie seems perturbed at first, but her anger melts with Louis'

	Where did you come from?  I didn't even 
	see you come in.

	I've been here for a while dear heart.  You
	know me.  I'm such a wall flower.

	Yeah, right, ninja is more like it.

Louis smiles and shruggs.  Ellie turns to Benny and smiles.

	This is my cousin Louis Varchone.  Louis 
	this is-

	Benny Dinova.  We've met.

Louis reaches into Ellie's salad bowl and snags an olive.  He
nibbles as he gives Benny the once over.  Benny is short, dark
and a little over weight.  He wears a Bersachi three piece pin stripped
suit with a Bengali holo tie.  Benny looks to be approaching his late

	Benny represented me early on in my
	carrer.  He did quite well.

Benny shifts uncomfortably.

	How you doing Louis.

	Quite well, thank you.  I understand you've
	taken Ellie on as a client.

	We just signed the contracts this morning.
	We're both very excited.

	Ah yes contracts.  A good thing to have.
	You used my lawyer, right, cousin?

	Yes, Louis I used Derrick.

Ellie leans over the table to address Benny.

	He's so protective.  He doesn't trust

	Yes, well, Benny is partly responsible 
	for that.

Benny squirms under Varchone's stare.

	Louis don't be rude.  Benny's already
	done a lot of good things for me.  He's
	already got me a recording contract.

	Wonderful!  That's so exciting.

Louis slides around the table and behind Benny.  He slips an arm
over the agents shoulder.  Ellie starts to look a little nervous.

	I know how important that is to you
	cousin and I'm sure Benny will make
	sure that any such contract is executed
	in a fair and honorable way.

	Of course Louis.  Check my track record.
	The Geeks, Leona Decker and The Daks
	are all big names now because of me.

	That's right Louis.  Benny's a big player.

	I'm sure.  I'm also sure that his expected
	compensation, ten percent is it?

Benny nods nervously.

	Will be paid off ONLY in credits.

Ellie frowns.

	What's that supposed to mean?

	That means that Jack Ironwood is my only
	friend on this rock and you-

Once again Louis moves like lightening and pecks his cousin on the 
check before she can react.

	Are my only beloved.  Good day friends.

Louis glides off into the shadows.  A blushing Ellie turns back to a
pale Benny.

	You'll have to forgive him.  It's that 
	genius artist thing.

Benny takes a much needed sip from his drink and simples nods in ascent.		

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Now that was fun.

AI:Do you think it will do any good?

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Benny is a coward. He is aware of my... martial endevours.

Louis disappears into the mens room. A few momments later he slides in and resumes his post. Ellie and Benny have resumed their dinner and totally unaware that Louis has never left the room.

Date: 11/08/2358 Time: 00:20


AI LOG: Louis has relapsed into his old ways. I am amazed at his ability to take crystal at will. Most humans who dabble with the substance are hooked and eventually destroyed by it.

Louis glides through the halls and has that feral edge about him. He is dressed entirely in black and the boots on his feet... these boots were made for killing.

AI:Why do you do this Louis? With your new assignment you seemed so happy. Now you are back to the crystal and skulking about in halls. Are you going to kill again?

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:If needs be Nicodimus, if needs be, but this is not practise, this is the real thing.

AI:I don't understand.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Have you been watching the net? Have you been listening to the news?

AI:Yes. This relates to the tragedy?

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Directly. Evidently Genesis brought a disease along with it on its trek. I crossed paths with a bit of the cancer already.

AI:Does this cancer have a name?

NETDUMP - VARCHONE: I believe it calls itself "Walking Dude".

AI:And you intend to kill it?

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Eventually, but first I must find him and to do that I must "talk" to an old aquaintence named Krak. Ahhh, here we are.

AI LOG: Louis rounds a corner like a dark wraith. He is part of the shadows. Three men in military attire converse with an aft ender that can only be Krak. The men speak in hushed tones.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:Nicodimis can you hear what they are saying?

AI:All of the monitors are down in this section. What else is new?

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:No matter. Let's see how extensive these gentlemen's military training is.

Louis distends from the Shadows and is only a couple of feet from the group before they realize he is there. Louis notices the crystal for the first time and realizes this is only a drug transaction.

	Varchone!!  What the hell are you doing here?

The military types quickly stow the drugs away.  All three men look nervous.
Louis points where they've stowed their drugs.

	Buying drugs are we?  Does that make you
	a crack unit?

	Very funny.  Maybe you should mind your
	own business.

	Oh absolutely.  My AI, Nicodimus is always
	telling me the same thing.

	What do you want Varchone?  Is this business?
	I'm sold out.  You'll have to hit me later.

	Actually I was thinking of hitting you now.  I need to
	know the where abouts of your friend Walking Dude.

Krak's jaw bounces off of the floor and he takes a step back in abject
terror.  Louis takes a menacing step forward.

	How do you know about him!

	We met just the other day.  His ribs made the
	most delightful cracking sound.

	That was you!  Oh God... I'll give you 
	guys a month free supply if you take this
	guy out!

Looks of greed replace the looks of confusion as the soldiers turn
toward Louis.

	That's an awful lot of rock.  

	It's yours just get him.

Soldier 2's face contorts into an evil grin.

	Orders is orders.

Soldier 2 flashes out with a round kick to Louis' temple.  Louis drops to the floor
as the kick flies over head and side kicks the soldier's knee.  There is  a terrible
tearing sound and scream of pain as the soldier falls to his back.

Louis instantly rolls back over his shoulder to his knees.  Soldier three lunges into 
with a devastating punch to Loui's face.  Louis, as light as air, simply leans to one 
side and delivers an uppercut into the man's groin.  He pops up off of his knees and 
slams the soldier with a knee to the face.  The man collapses in a pool of blood from
a broken nose.

The third soldier backs off and looks Louis up and down.  Krak turns and runs down the 

	I'm sorry I don't have more time to play
	with you.

Louis fakes a low kick to the mans knee.  As the soldier bends to block Louis
kicks him in the face with the same leg.  He flies off the other leg with a jump
front kick and the soldier slams into the opposite wall.  Louis takes off after
AI:He just turned left up ahead.  A monitor in that corridor is working.

NETDUMP - VARCHONE:For useless vermin he is quite fleet of foot. Ah here we go.

Louis turns a corner and pours on a burst of speed. Krak looks back over his shoulder and screams in terror as Louis dives on him. Krak attempts to wrestle out from under Louis, but Louis is skilled in ground fighting as well. Louis grabs and arm and shoots a leg across Krak's face. Krak screams in pain as Louis puts an arm bar on him that threatens to break his elbow. LOUIS Are you going to be a good boy? I'm tired of playing chase the scumbag. KRAK Yes! Yes! Just stop. LOUIS A friend of mine has been looking for you. I think it's time you met him.

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