Medical Reports

Case Number: 9321-0002-AB.321 (xref to security case: 2341-2312-AB)
Case Type: Morgue - Homicide
Case Status: Closed

Prepared by: Dr. Brian St. Onge

Subject's Name: Lester R. Donovan
Genstat Number: 0007-6278-0987
Cell/Apt Number: UFS-000323
Subject's Status: DECEASED

Date: 10/01/2358 Time: 06:01 Summary Autopsy Report:

Subject is a white male, forty nine years of age. He is generally in good condition. Preliminary cursory examination reveals blunt trauma to the back of the head as evidenced by severe swelling and bruising above the medulla oblongata. The shape of the wound and indentation suggest a metal bar of some sort.

Further examination reveals no other wounds or tramua to the body except the right side where the subject hit the floor. DNA spectral analysis reveals no foreign DNA. Some dirt and grease was discovered under one fingernail on the right hand.

Spectral analysis of the grease confirms it to be type 34-C general avionics lubricant.

For a more detailed report please reference autopsy number AG-1234.213.G

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