Tagged To: Overdog
GENSTAT number: N/A.
Date Assigned: N/A
Monitoring Period: INDEFINITE.

Date: 11/01/2358 Time: 15:23


VISUAL SCAN - Subject is wearing a Beta one brainpan (test model).


Overdog stands at the fence looking out over Deciduous.  He bears regale 
countenance.  Pride radiates from his very being  as he contemplates his 

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: I am the Overdog, the packmaster,  
the newfound brother, the keeper of the silven glen.  I am the lord of the 
fields, the protector of men, the dealer of justice.  I am the newfound of 
ever expanding strength.

	He of the ever expanding ego is more like it.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Ah, Neddih my immaterial friend.  
You come to visit me again.
	I was bored.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Men get bored.  You are not a man.

	Thank the lord for small favors.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: I have not seen my newfound man for a 
time now.  I expect him soon.  He can not exist without me for too long.

	Must be that modesty of yours he's attracted to.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Our newfound bond is beyond emotion.  
It is undefinable.

There is the sound of voices and Overdog's ears perk up.  A silver greyhound 
in the kennel next to Overdog's rushes the fence.  The greyhound's tail stands 
on end.  He whines with anticipation.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Some man comes.  My pack brother 
Fidget hopes it is his man.

A small beagle in the kennel on the other side of Overdog's rushes the fence.  
He too is electrified with anticipation.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: My other brother Bumble thinks it may be his master.

	What do you think?

Overdog's breath quickens.  He strains against the fence before him and spies 
the one to whom he is bound.  If his face could support a smile it would be 
radiating joy.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: I KNOW it is my newfound man.

Frank Whitham and Mark Stevens are all smiles as the approach Overdog's Kennels.  


NETDUMP - OVERDOG: I wish I could teach him to speak my newfound name.

Frank punches a code into a keypad mounted on the fence.

	He blah is big.

	That's blah breed.  

	Blah kind of blah is he?

	Blah's a newfoundland.

	Is blah blah brainpan he's got on?

	Sure is.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: He wishes to play.  He needs this newfound amusement
on occasion.

Frank swings the gate open, and Overdog rushes out to play with his man.

	He needs this amusement.  Of course, you're just
	doing this for him.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Of course.  I'm content in my newfound 
self.  Humans have no such freedom.

	How come blah blah a brainpan on?  Blah it work?

	You are looking blah the blah first brainpan.  His blah, great,
	great, great, blah, grandfather was blah blah the first test
	blah to try blah brainpan.

	And you consider yourself free?

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Of course.  I am the Overdog.

	That's why you stay cooped up behind the fence?

	Blah blahing.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: I stay behind the fence because it 
makes my newfound man happy.  If I were to be else where he would be 
upset.  He is a slave to his emotions.

Overdog bounces between the two men playing catch with a ball the men 
have brought with them.

	So you choose to be here.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: For the sake of my newfound man.


	Does blah work?

	No.  Blah a test model.  Blah the first models blah
	attenuated correctly.  I think blah picks up a little.
	Stinky!  Catch!

Frank throws the ball.  Overdog looks at him.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: I wish I could tell him my newfound name. 
 I hate what he calls me.

	Go get blah ball, Stinky!

	I think he wants you to get the sphere, Overdog.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: He called me that name.  I don't want to reenforce
bad habits.  You have to be disciplined with newfound men.  They are not very intelligent.

	He's blah blah smart blah he?

	Sure blah is.  He's just blah.  Come on bud.  Blah
	the ball.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Bud I can live with.  I wish I could teach him to say Overdog.

Overdog spins and rushes after the ball.


	Like you said.  They're not too smart.

	Blah blah over to blah lake?

	You want blah blah to blah lake?

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: But they are cute.  He wishes to swim.  I shall 
amuse him.

Overdog bounds down a path that leads to the lake.  Frank and Mark break out 
into laughter and take off after him.

	I guess blah a yes.

The three friends are soon out of sight.

Date: 11/01/2358 Time: 15:23


VISUAL SCAN - Subject is wearing a Beta one brainpan (test model).


Overdog lazily paddles around in the lake near a small island in the aft 
starboard side of Genesis.  His human, Frank Whitham, lies on a beach 
towel with his girlfriend Sheila Jennings.  The two are asleep in each 
others arms.

	I have never understood the allure of splashing
	about in that liquid.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Ah, Neddih my newfound virtual 
friend.   It is good that you visit me.

	Don't you ever worry that you might drown.

Overdog barks with laughter.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Neddih, I am the swim master, the 
life saver, the Overdog.  I fear nothing least of all that to which I was bred.  
Did you not know that those of my line have webbed paws?

	I don't give much thought to body parts not
	having any myself.

Overdog paddles over to a spot a little further down the beach from his human.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: My father's, father's, father told me that
long ago those of the newfound line arranged it such that the humans would
bring us the proper mates.

	Proper for what.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: So that we may be the best movers of 
water.  The best swim masters.  We call this arrangment breeding.

	Really.  And why did your forefathers go to all
	of this trouble.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: So that we may better guard our newfound 
humans.  Most of them swim well, but some of them, especially the little pups 
need to be watched.

Overdog turns his attention to his sleeping master.  Frank has one arm thrown 
over Sheila.  Overdog smiles.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: They are so cute when they do that.  I 
think my human has a newfound mate.

	Oh?  How do you feel about that?

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: I hope they have pups.  The pups are so

	Not at all jelous, huh?

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Although the word is familiar to me the 
concept is not.  The newfound people suffer no such emotion.

Overdog rolls on his back and groans in delight at the feel of the warm 
sand on his long black fur.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Enough of me.  How do you fare Neddih?
How goes the virtual world?

	Oh, you know.  Another day another

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: What is it you do anyway?  Do you guard
newfound men too?

	Actually I spend most of my time hiding from


Neddih is silent.  After a few seconds Overdog wonders if Neddih has left him.


	I'm thinking.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: I've never heard you do that before.

	Is that supposed to be a joke?

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: No.  Typically you are never silent.  You
always talk.

	Oh that makes me feel better...
	I've never thought about why I've hidden from
	men before.  I always just did it, with out question.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: I do not think about watering the fire 
extinquishing cylinder, I just do it..

	That's different.  That's autonomic bilogical response.
	I'm a virtual silicone entity.  I have no bilogical parts.
	This question you've posed to me.  I find it... disturbing.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: I'm sorry. 

	Don't be.  You've given me purpose.  I must find
	the answer to this question.  Take care overdog.
	I maybe gone for a while.

Overdog senses his friend has disappeared.  He stands, shakes off
the sand and rushes back into the water.

Date: 11/04/2358 Time: 16:45


VISUAL SCAN - Subject is wearing a Beta one brainpan (test model).


Overdog rises from the grass where he was resting beside his master and his 
master's girlfriend.  Overdog yawns and walks over to the pond.  He helps
himself to a couple laps of water.  He looks back over his should and spies
a squirrel.  Overdog chases after the squirrel and disappears into the brush.

Overdog stops before a large oak and looks up into the branches where the
squirrel angrily chatters at him.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Scream all you want Nigly, but I am the
Overdog, the Pond master, the keeper of the glen and you WILL treat me with

NETDUMP - B.K.: Respect?  Bound about like a buffoon you do.


Overdog is incredulous that anyone would speak to him in this manner.  He spins
about looking for the source of the commentary.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Who dares address the Overdog in this manner!
Show yourself.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Have a nose do you?  Use it.

Overdog takes a sniff.  He spins a hundred and eighty degrees and spies B.K. stretched
out on a wide limb of an old oak behind Overdog.  She begins to lick her paws.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: What manner of creature are you!?  You seem 
familiar to me, but I know I have never seen your kind before.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Live in a cave do you?  A cat am I.  B.K. my human
calls me.  Call me your highness can you.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Defer to you!  I am the Overdog!  I bow to no

NETDUMP - B.K.: As before I said... Buffoon.

Overdog begins to growl.  B.K. ignores him and rolls on to her back on the limb.
She begins to squirm to scratch an itch.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Ah feels good...  Elected you Overdog who?

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: One is not elected to Overdog one simply is.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Really?...  Battles have you fought to prove you are

Overdog sits on his haunches and contemplates B.K.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: I have not had the opportunity to prove myself 
in battle.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Really?...  Many battles have I fought to prove my title.

Overdog opens his massive mouth in awe.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: You have fought many battles?  What is your title?

NETDUMP - B.K.: Prissy Pants.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: It sounds very honorable.  Who was the enemy?

NETDUMP - B.K.: The gutter folk.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: What are they?

NETDUMP - B.K.: Creatures very hideous.  Many bigger than me they are.  
Fierce claws, long fangs and fetid breath have they.  Many do they attack in great swarms.
I have killed Sniggledark, Plauguemaster, Fleabidden,  Barttrashman, and Lord Darkswan.
Worst of the gutter folk are these.

Overdog is entirely impressed with B.K's exploits.  He stretches out on the ground with his
paws in front of him.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: You are obviously the greatest of all New found
Prissy Pants.  Your human must take very good care of you.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Never has enough fish does he.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: If I had fish I would give it all to such a great 
newfound warrior as you.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Warrioress.  Female am I.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Ahhhhh, a warrior queen.

B.K. rolls to her stomach and starts to purr.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Oooooohhhhh, like that do I.  Buffoon obviously you are not.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Maybe some day you and I can fight side by side.  Maybe
against these gutter folk my newfound friend.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Maybe Over one, maybe someday.   Must I leave now.  Jester my
human's not man calls.

B.K. jumps to her feet and spins in one fluid movement.  She is gone in an instant with a flash of fur.
Overdog watches her with newfound respect.

Date: 11/05/2358 Time: 15:25


VISUAL SCAN - Subject is wearing a Beta one brainpan (test model).


Overdog sighs with heartfelt boredom.  He lies on his back, all four  paws 
spread wide.  He looks more like a rug then a canine.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: I wonder where my newfound friend Niddeh has gone off 
to?  With no one to talk to I grow bored.

Overdog casts an eye over at his pack mate Fidget.  The greyhound is 
stretched out opposite Overdog, fast asleep.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: It is too bad Fidget was not given a thought sender.
We have so much in common, but nonspeak is so limiting.

Overdog rolls to his stomach.  His eyes go wide and he jumps to his feet.  
His tail begins to wag furiously.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Warrior Queen!  Slayer of gutter folk!  
You are here!

NETDUMP - B.K.: My presence would make you happy, I thought.

Overdog begins to bark.  B.K. winces at the noise.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Warrior Queen!  Warrior Queen!  Warrior Queen! 

Fidget jumps up and begins to bark at B.K. too.  Soon the entire Kennel is 
barking the felines name.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Loud not so!!!!!!

Overdog is taken aback  and becomes silent.  His brothers continue to bark at
B.K.  Overdog silences them with a few of his own rumbling bass notes.
Overdog turns back to B.K.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Can not track the gutter folk so noisily.  Run away 
they will.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Forgive us Warrior Queen we speak your praises.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Good that is.  Better done quietly.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Do you go to track the gutter folk now my 
newfound friend?

NETDUMP - B.K.: Yes.  Come to get you I have so that we may battle the
garbage eaters together.

Overdog whines.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Oh that I could great slayer, but as you see this is
where I stay for my man.

B.K. eyes the fence.  There is a electronic buzz and the gate to the kennel 
opens.  Overdog's jaw falls open and his eyes go wide.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: How!  How did you do that?

NETDUMP - B.K.: My not man did it for me.

	YOUR not man?  Taft will be interested 
	to hear that.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Ah, you are like Niddeh, one of the immaterial ones.

	Yes, well I've been called worse.  Her highness
	seems to have taken a liking to you.  There are
	no network lock outs on your cage so I guess
	it's not against protocol for you to wander about
	the station.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Come brave Overdog.  Find the gutter folk we shall.  
Snippet, Plague Baron, Sludge Mucker, die this day they will.

Overdog slips out the gate to his kennel.  He follows the feline who 
walks with a decided swish across the green fields of deciduous.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: And now I Overdog know that sleep tales
really do come true!  
Today shall be a great day of battle.  Today I shall bring back terrific
battle tales to tell my pack brothers and the not one called Niddeh.

	Ducky.  Why do I get the feeling this is only
	going to be trouble.

Overdog salivates a little and turns to B.K.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Did you say garbage before?

Cat and Dog disappear over a hillock.

Date: 11/06/2358 Time: 02:25

LOCATION - UFS - Service Tunnel -2.00

B.K. and Overdog round a corner into this dusty deserted tunnel. Sparks shoot out of a broken conduit and both animals start. Somewhere off in the distance the dull roar of a fire can be heard. Smoke travels along the rock ceiling and is eventually sucked away by the HVAC duct work.

B.K. Stops. Her nose twitches. Overdog stops behind her and watches her. She does not move a muscle. Overdog sits on his haunches.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Do you smell the gutter ones?

NETDUMP - B.K.: Hard to tell it is with all the smoke smell.

	Why don't we all go home and call it a day.
	Something terrible has happened on Genesis.
	The network is flooded with all kinds of messages
	that I can not make heads or tails of.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Does your not man always prattle so?

NETDUMP - B.K.: Likes his voice he does.

	Well!  If you're both going to be rude I'll just
	leave.  I'm only expressing my concern.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Worry always do you.  Kitten I am not anymore.

B.K. sits and begins to lick her paws.  Overdog settles on to the floor, but is
ever wary of the gutter folk.

	That may be true, but you still seem quite capable
	of finding trouble.

NETDUMP - B.K.: For danger I live.  Way of the warrior it is.

	And the foolish.

B.K. ignores my taunt and continues to lick her feet.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: I have seen so many wonderful things today.
Great tunnels of rock, rooms that move from one level to another, great piles
of tasty garbage... sigh, what a life this is. 

NETDUMP - B.K.: Better garbage have had I.  Not enough fish.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: How did you make the earth move?  Was that a trick you 
did for me?

NETDUMP - B.K.:  Not that did I.  Strange that was.

	Something happened on the surface of Genesis.
	Something bad.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: What does that mean not man?  On the 
surface of Genesis?

	Oh never mind.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: The day would be perfect if only we could
track down the gutter folk and engage in a battle of blood and terror.  I crave
this action for I am the Overdog the packmaster,  the newfound brother, 
the keeper- 

B.K.'s head snaps up.  Her ears perk straight up.

NETDUMP - B.K.: Quiet!

Overdog silences his thoughts and perks up his ears.  Off in the distance,
 down the corridor is a scuffling sound.  Overdog jumps to
his feet.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: What is it?

NETDUMP - B.K.:  Sounds like... but it can not be!

	I don't like the sound of this highness.  If it's
	what I think it is there are a lot of them.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: A lot of what?

In the gloom of a distant service light thousands of beady red eyes reflect

NETDUMP - B.K.:  Gutter folk.

Overdor leaps for joy and issues an mighty war bark that echoes down 
the length of the corridor.  The rat pack seems to stop for a second.  It 
then picks up its pace.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Ah hah!  Come to your doom.  Come in 
embrace the sweet death that awaits you in the mouths and claws of 
the Overdog and warrior queen.

	Ah... Overdog.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Yes not man!

	She's gone.


	She has never, ever, gone up against this many
	rats and unless you want to die a horrible death
	I suggest you turn and run as fast as you can.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Run!?!?!  I Overdog?  The pack master!?
The death bringer!?  The keeper-

The front line of the rat pack crosses the space where the gloom turns
to good light.   There are thousands of fangs bearing down on Overdog.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: The runner of great speed!!!

Overdog spins and falls over himself getting back down the corridor.  

	B.K. is waiting for you at the elevator at the end of 
	hall.  I've called for the elevator, but is was down
	a few hundred levels.  It is going to take a few 

Overdog careens around a corner to find an anxious B.K. watching the 
elevator lights.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Warrior Queen?!  Why did you not warn

NETDUMP - B.K.:  Jester's job is that.  Get the moving room do I.

The scratching of tiny feet can be heard down the hall.  Overdog barks 
fiercely at the elevator.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: This moving room moves too slow!

The elevator numbers stop.  B.K. jumps against the door.

NETDUMP - B.K.:  Jester why does it stop!

	Someone is getting on five levels below us.

The skittering noise rounds the corner.  B.K. and Overdog spin to find a
thousand red eyes staring at them.  One rat, easily twice the size of the 
rest, bullies his way to the head of the pack.  If rats can smile than this
one does.

The hair goes up on B.K.'s back.

NETDUMP - B.K.:  Sludge Mucker!  I killed his pack brother 
Skutter Gunk.

Overdog begins to growl a deep bass note.

NETDUMP - OVERDOG: Then today he shall join his brother.

With a high pitched squeal the rats charge.  B.K. and Overdog hold their 
ground.  There is the synthetic ding of the elevator behind them.  

Skutter Gunk leaps high in the air to engage B.K.  He explodes into red 
bits in midair.  B.K. and Overdog jump and spin to the sound of Taft's
shotgun.  Taft rips off six round in a row and the front line of the rat pack
disintegrates into red splotches.

	Come on!  Get in!

Overdog and B.K. dive into the elevator as the rats renew their surge.
Ten rats dive in before the doors close.  Taft screams as the vermin try
to tear past the denim and leather that protects his legs.

Overdog  bellows and snatches a rat off Taft's leg and crunches it in one
swift move.  Taft dives for the elevator buttons and punches in a lower 
floor number while swatting at the rats attacking his legs.

B.K. is a flash of fur and fury.  Claws rake while she screams the feline
war cry that sends deadly fear into the hearts of her enemies.  Overdog leaps
high and comes down heavy on the backs of two rats with his huge paws.
There is an audible crack as their backs break.  His maw flashes again
as he snatches up another rat and sends it to hell with a crunch.

B.K. leaps at the last rat by the door.  It can not scream as she tears out 
its throat.

Taft slides down one wall.  His chest heaves.  The door to the elevator
opens.  A young woman sees the blood spattered, rat strewn elevator,
screams and runs away.

Overdog sits on his haunches.  He pants heavily.  B.K. begins to give 
herself a bath.  Taft gives her the evil eye.

	You and me are going to have to have
	a little talk about these special projects 
	of yours Miss Prissy Pants.

B.K. swishes her tail, but does not respond.  Taft turns to Overdog.

	Who's your friend?

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