The Personal Diary of Partab Sing
Date: 10/20/2358 Time: 20:00

It's a damn funny thing that is going on. Damn funny. Someone, or should I say someones is going into my duct work and jeffrie tubes. I've always had a little bit of a problem. Sometimes with the cell-less, sometimes with kids, but never on this scale. Who ever they are they're trying to hide their work. Most of the time I can tell by the scratch on a vent cover or a loose plate on an access pad.

I don't know if I should report this. Nothing seems amiss just yet. It's just damn funny.

Date: 11/02/2358 Time: 22:23

I got a call from security today telling me that they found a cellless person down in tunnel 1A. How the hell he got in there I'll never know. All access to the exaughst tunnels are coded for authorized use only. They think this indiviual might be responsible for the disappearance of my four missing engineers. Although when I asked them if they had found my engineers they said no. Funny... damn funny.

Date: 11/03/2358 Time: 23:01

My chief net tech in charge of network ops came to me with most interesting news today. Some how all major the major nodes have gained a %10 increase in storage. Chief Allonzo has been working on this for some time. After much examination he has determined that someone changed the compression algorithms to be more efficient. I hate hackers, but this is a good thing. Sigh...

Date: 11/07/2358 Time: 00:32

I just came back from a tour of the damage suffered from the nuclear explosion topside. Thank God the super structure suffered no percievable damage. Several of the service tunnels near the surface have collapsed. None of the areas affected were occupied although I'm told a few of the cellless were caught in some of the collapses.

Fiber optics and most electronic monitoring is down from level -3 to topside. Fortunately this mess has been contained to a one kilometer area. My staff is going to be very busy for the next couple of months.

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