Dr. Peter Wang's Personal Diary

Date: 10/05/2358 Time: 00:21

Things were totally crazy in Med-UAP and Med-UAS today. There was a high intensity hockey game going on between the Rangers and the Predators. Several of the fans decided to put on their own show, and the violence quickly spread through out the arena. Between the two hospitals we had sixty cases all flood in within an hour. Nothing was too serious, although we had one broken neck. We got him stabilized quickly and put the neuro stabilizers to good use. He shouldn't be any worse for the wear tomorrow. I can't wait for the next hockey game.

Date: 11/01/2358 Time: 12:21

My God! What a day it's been all ready. Some woman that works for security and Taft Harding over in animal control came in with a monster. This guy was almost two and half meters tall! He wieghed in at one hundred and sixty kilos! To top it off this guy isn't in the database. He's not supposed to be in Genesis.

We strapped him down to a containment table while I ran some tests. He woke up, looked at me and growled. Then he started screaming something about the Watcher has come and proceeded to tear himself off of the containment table. I've seen those tables hold a totally psychotic, totally rocked crystal head. This guy shredded the straps like they were tissue.

He grabbed me by the throat and threw my like a rag doll. Fortunately for me I landed on Taft. Not so good for Taft. I broke his arm. The man mountain turned to face that woman, Cannon, that was her name, but she was too fast for him. I've never seen anyone move so fast. She kicked him so hard in his privates that his face turned purple. He fell to his knees and she kicked him in the head. He went down for the count.

I'm very against violance, but I must have thanked the Cannon woman about fifty times. I've never been so happy to see another human being get their butt kicked. I supposed that's not very professional coming from a doctor and all, but to hell with it.

We put this maniac in the Psychotics Containment Room. If he behaves badly in there all I have to do is give the command and the security AI will turn the gravity induction coils up until he's a crepe - flat on the floor.

Date: 11/05/2358 Time: 10:45

I got a call today that I always dreaded would come. Someone named Krak needs me to fix up a friend... outside the normal channels. This is totally illegal, but I have no choice. Father told me if they call to go. Krak showed me his ring and invoked the name "Shadow". Father said we would not be on Genesis if it weren't for Shadow. I was hesitant with Krak and he made it clear in no uncertain terms what would happen if I didn't show. I'm not to tell anyone, even Bess. I hate this.

Date: 11/06/2358 Time: 06:31

I just left that, THING, in his girlfriend's cell. I heard what he did. It was all over the news. I know he did it. They were talking about it and his girlfriend set it up. My God there's at least a thousand dead and I'm partially responsible. If I had known this is what this Shadow deal was all about I never would have gone. How could my father have gotten wrapped up in this!?!? How could he allow me to get wrapped up in this.

I have no compunctions at all about what I did to that Walking dude. At first I felt guilty. I felt as if I was betraying my oath. Now I know I needed the implant put in him. They'll try to kill me as sure as Genesis is a rock. Now if they try it the implant will fry his insides. I hate to say this, but there is a part of me that would like to watch that.

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