A.I. #12A43


Subject: Ironwood, Jack, A
GENSTAT number: 0047-6052-1154.
Date Assigned: 1/1/2350
Monitoring Period: INDEFINITE.
Transcript ref number:123BGC-9876HFG-223721.9

Date: 11/05/2358 Time:17:35

VISUAL SCAN - Subject is wearing a black sweatshirt, black jeans, and Chinese slippers.

EM Scan - The subject is unarmed.

LOCATION - LAP - Cell 011

Jack stares at a datapad with a blank expression. He absent mindedly rubs the back of his scalp and winces in pain. JACK Shit! JEEVES (V.O.) I really think you should have that looked at again. You don't want to die of an aneurysm. JACK Your concern is touching, but the meds said I was fine. The door alarm chirps and Jack looks up. JACK Who is it Jeeves. JEEVES (V.O.) Your reason for living. JACK Ellie? JEEVES (V.O.) The same. JACK Come in. Ellie enters Jack cell. Her face is a blank mask. She carries a pile of clothes and toiletries. She dumps them on the table in front of Jack. ELLIE Here. You won't be needing these at my place anymore. Jack frowns. From out of no where he draws a stiletto and thumbs the release. Six inches of steel pop out in front of a startled Ellie. Jack throws the knife on the table in front of Ellie and points to his heart. JACK While your at it why don't you just drive that through my heart. Jack melodramatically thrusts his chest forward and throws his head back. He winces in pain at the activity. ELLIE What's wrong? JEEVES (V.O.) I've been telling him to get that looked at again but he refuses to listen. ELLIE Get what looked at. JEEVES (V.O.) Some lower form of life attacked the back of his head with some kind of blunt instrument. I'm sure this activity is not good even for Mr. Ironwood. ELLIE Is this true, Jack? Where did this happen? JACK In one of the storage areas in UAS. ELLIE What were you doing there? JACK Looking for you. Ellie stops to think for a second. ELLIE Did this happen while I was locked between bulkheads. JACK Yes. Ellie begins to look a little sheepish. ELLIE They lured you there pretending to be me? JACK Yup. ELLIE Who was that woman I saw you with earlier? JACK That's Ms. Cannon. She's working with me on this case. Ellie picks up the knife and slowly rounds the table. Jack watches her unsure of what her intentions are. With a move from her hip she pushes the table out of the way. She thumbs the release on the knife and the blade disappears. She hands Jack the knife and he takes it. Her demeanor does a one hundred an eighty degree shift. ELLIE Here. I can always use this later. The two share a needed smile. Ellie slips into Jack's lap and places her arms around his neck. She kisses him on the forehead. ELLIE I'm sorry Jack. I thought your were acting out of jealousy. JACK I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't jealous of Benny, but I don't play to that. ELLIE You don't have to be jealous of Benny, Jack. He's a lecherous, greedy little suit. The only reason I'm having anything to do with him is because he's in a position to help my career. JACK I'm not jealous of Benny, sweets. I'm jealous of all the time he gets to spend with you. ELLIE Oh Jack... Ellie's expression turns to one of joy and a tear forms at the corner of one eye. She dives on Jack's lips and gives him a top ten kiss. The two part flushed and then smile.



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