Security Reports

Case Number: 2341-2312-AB
Case Type: Homicide
Case Status: OPEN

Prepared by: Ellison J. Farnsworth and Victor Myerson.

Subject's Name: Lester R. Donovan
Genstat Number: 0007-6278-0987
Cell/Apt Number: UFS-000323
Subject's Status: DECEASED

Date: 10/01/2358 Time: 03:23 Witnesses: NONE
Evidence: See attached spreadsheet.

Case Description:

Officer Myerson and myself received an emergency locater code at 03:13 for corridor 67 in LAP. We arrived on the scene at 03:23. Two maintenance workers, Joe Peterson (GN 9876-2214-0000), and Manny Dipedro (GN 8987-2314-3200) were waiting for us at the scene. They had discovered the subject's body, but saw or heard nothing. We sealed off the area and called in forensics.

Officer Myerson surveyed the area, but corridor 67 is in a low population density area. Living quarters are very sparse in this area so there were not many subjects to interview. Forensics finished up evidence gathering at 06:30. Mr. Donovan's body was delivered to the Mercy Love Morgue for an autopsy at 05:46.

UPDATE 10/01/2358 08:22 - Meyerson

The morgue sent a summary of the autopsy report. Basically it confirmed the subject was murdered by a blow to the back of the head with a blunt object.

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