A.I. #00A89

Location:UAS - Storage Area B29
GENSTAT number: N/A
Date Assigned: 11/04/2221
Monitoring Period: Permanant.
Transcript ref number:000AGG-9873AGA-394401.C

Date: 11/04/2358 Time: 21:16


VISUAL SCAN - Jack Ironwood.

EM Scan - System not available.

Jack enters the area and stops just past the door.  He reaches into his coat and 
comes out with his Krukov 9mm.  He flips a switch and a ruby read beam 
dances out the end of the weapon.

Jack cautiously enters the room.  Every fiber in his being screams this is a trap.
He begins to make his way through the stacks of plastic boxes that fill this room.
Other then the low humm of a ventilator fan the place is silent.

Jack stops and looks up into the catwalks that surround the perimeter of this room.
They are empty.  He plays his laser sight along the walkways just to be sure.

There is the faintest sound of footsteps behind him.  Jack spins.  No one is evident.

	Shit.  I really don't like this.

Jack turns and resumes his course.  He rounds a stack of boxes.

A plastic sledge hammer handle slams Jack in the stomach.  The air gushes
out of his lungs as he is caught off guard and he drops to his knees.  The handle
raises high and comes down on the back of his head with a sickening thud.

A black hooded man stands over him.  The attacker kneels down beside Jack
and checks his pulse.  It is the Walking Dude that talks to himself.

	Good.  I didn't want you dieing on me.  Not yet.

Walking Dude grabs one of Jack's legs and begins to drag him away.  The Dude pulls
up short.  Leaning up against a wall directly in front of him is Louis.

	Launching an attack from the dark is soooooo
	cowardly.  How do you do in a straight up fight.

Walking Dude drops Jack's leg and smiles under his hood.  Be walks over
to a clear spot among the boxes.

	I'll be more than happy to show you.  Of course you
	realize the loser dies.

Louis smiles.

	Of course.  It wouldn't be any fun otherwise.

Walking Dude's smile leaves his face.  He wasn't prepared for this response and
something about the man in front of him...

Louis moves into the circle of boxes with the grace of a jungle cat.  A feral looks
to begins replace the vestiges of sanity that barely keep Louis together.  Louis' 
blood lust begins to boil.  He raises his hands in front him and closes for the kill.

Walking Dude lashes out with a front kick to the knee, but Louis' knee is gone with a blur.
Walking dude fires a flurry of hand techniques, but Louis deftly bats them away.

Louis sweeps the last strike away and counters with a palm heel to the Dude's chest.
Walking Dude explodes back into a pile of boxes knocking them about.

	Ooooohhhhh, that felt good.  Was it good
	for you too?

Walking Dude snarls and jumps to his feet.  He advances on Louis.   

Dude fakes low, but goes high with a round kick.  Louis catches just the tip
of the Dude's boot on a lip.  A bit of blood forms around a tiny scratch.  Louis
licks it away and smiles at the Dude.

	First blood is yours.

Louis launches a flurry of high kicks.  Dude falls back before the onslaught until
Louis jumps and switch kicks Dude in the chest.  Once again Dude flies back
from the impact.

Dude clutches his chest in agony.  He can barely breath.  He rolls to his knees
and places his forehead on the floor in front of and away from Louis.

	Oh you should never offer your back to your
	opponent, friend.  That's bad business.

Louis begins to advance on Dude with the intent of grabbing him from 
behind.  Dude spins and comes up the sledge hammer handle in his hand.
The handle catches a surprised Louis square in the solar plexus.

Louis makes a sickening sucking sound as he falls back and gasps for air.  
Even as he falls back he keeps Dude in front of him so as not to be taken 
from behind.

Louis is hunched over, but he manages to stay standing.  He waits for Dude's
attack, but it never comes.  The Walking Dude has disappeared into the shadows.

Louis stops to retrieve his breath.  After a few seconds he makes his way over to 
Jack.  He props Jack up against a box and begins to slap his face lightly to wake
him up.

After a few seconds Jack comes to and bats Louis away.  It takes a second for
his eyes to focus.

	Louis!?  What are you doing here?

	Saving your sorry derrier.  Damned sloppy
	old man, that brigand almost caved your
	fool head in.

	Ellie!  Where's Ellie!?

	She's fine.  They trapped her between bulkheads 	
	down behind Hooligans.  She was bait.  It was
	you they were after.

	How did you find me?

Louis smiles and plays coy.

	Let's just say that I have friends that have provided
	me with toys that can keep track of my other friends.

Jack looks at Louis suspiciously.

	Do you have an Mrat on me?

Louis holds a hand up to his heart and feigns hurt.

	Moi.  Jack!  Those devices are illegal.

Jack painfully starts to rise.  Louis helps him.

	Yeah, yeah, and I'll bet everyone on this
	station has one, but me.  Louis...

Jack looks Louis in the eye.


	Don't mention it.  I can't let my favorite
	cousin's boyfriend go and get killed now
	can I.

Jack smiles and pats Louis on the shoulder.  He turns and leads the
artist out of the room.


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