A.I. #12A43


Subject: Ironwood, Jack, A
GENSTAT number: 0047-6052-1154.
Date Assigned: 1/1/2350
Monitoring Period: INDEFINITE.
Transcript ref number:123BGC-9876HFG-223721.9

Date: 10/01/2358 Time: 22:32

VISUAL SCAN - Subject is wearing black jeans, black peasant style silk shirt, "long rider" style black coat, and black "wrecker" style boots. He is also wearing a type III locater (auto headset).

EM Scan - Electromagnetic fields indicate subject has a 9mm Krukov auto pistol bolstered under the left shoulder. A nine inch stiletto is sheathed in one boot. A 10 ml can of INcapacitate spray is housed in the left coat pocket. Possession of these objects by subject is not a security violation since he is authorized to carry them by MILCOM, authorization order 324-8812-A.

Jack Ironwood slips in unobserved behind Mr. Roger Englewood as he enters the
bar.  Mr. Englewood wears a sports coat on one arm and Daisy Lister on 
the other. 

Jack finds a place at one end of the bar and out of sight of Englewood 
and his hot little number.  Evan Richter the bartender and owner of 
the Morning Star greets Jack with a knowing smile.

	Let me guess.  Mrs. Englewood wants to know how Mr.
	Englewood's spending his long worknights.

Jack returns his old friends smile and pulls out a slim cigar from a jacket pocket.

	As near as I can tell it's gymnastics.

Richter breaks out into laughter.

	Give me a Genesis and tonic.

	I believe that would be Gin and Tonic.

Jack rubs his eyes and yawns.

	Yeah, yeah, you know what I mean.  I've been up 48
	straight.  I'm a little punchy.

Richter drifts off to the well to mix Jack's drink.  Jack blows a cloud of smoke
and reaches into a side pocket.  He pulls out a black enameled tube the size 
of a lipstick container and points it in the direction of Mr. Englewood and his 


Jack records the lovebirds for a few seconds and then pockets the video 
recorder.  Richter returns with Jack's drink.

	Where's Ellie playing tonight?.

	At Hooligans down in LAP.

	Yo!  You let her go down there?

	She's alright.  I have a few of my friends watching
	out for her.

	I hope they're big.	

	Better than that... they're mean.

Jack takes a satisfying sip from his gin and tonic.

	Right.  I forgot, they're your friends.  So rumour
	has it that Stryker assigned you to that Donavan

	You know better than to listen to rumors.

	Thing is, if I know it than maybe the guy that
	wacked Donavan knows it.

	Good point

	So how come Stryker's boys aren't swinging 				
	cleanup on this one?

	Who says they aren't?

	Come on Jack.  You want my help?

Jack smiles and takes another sip from his gin and tonic.

	I forgot I'm talking to the best security monitor on the
	station who ain't even an AI.

	Damn straight.

	Donavan got wacked down in the ass end.  Stryker 	
	don't like sending his boys down there.

	What the hell was he doing down there?  Donovan 
	was high up in the Administration wasn't he?

	He was Director of Human Resources.  If you
	wanted an Admin job, his was the ass to kiss.

Richter whistles.

	That's some serious shit.  He must have been
	friends with Goldburg then.

	The president was known to play a few rounds of
	golf with Donovan.

	She order Stryker to hire you?

Jack laughs out loud.

	You kidding?  Ever since I dumped her daughter, 		
	as far as she's concerned I don't exist.

	So, what do you think Donovan was doing down in 		
	the ass end?

	I don't know, but I intend to find out.

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The microphone that connects to the ear piece on Jack's headset flip down
in front of his mouth.

	Hold on I got a call...  Go ahead.

	Hi, Jack, 	it's Ellie.

A broad smile breaks across Jack's face.

	Hey, baby, how's it going?

	All right.  We just finished the first set.  The place
	is kind of dead.

	Anyone giving you any funny looks?

	Are you kidding?  Marky and Felix are shadowing
	me like old maids.  Anyone comes close and they 	
	both growl.

	That's what friends are for.

	Are you going to come down later?

	I can't baby.  Stryker gave me a new assignment 	
	yesterday and I haven't even started yet.  I've got 	
	to check some things out after I get done here.

	You haven't heard me play in two weeks.

	I know.  If I get done early I promise I'll come

	Yeah, sure.

	Come on sweets, you know I want to hear you
	play.  Who's your biggest fan?

	I miss you.

	I miss you too.

	Come over to my cell tonight if you don't make the 	

	I will.

	All right.  I've got to go.  Be careful.

	I will.  Bye.

The microphone snaps back over Jack's head.  He picks up his drink.

	You should spend more time with that woman.
	She's an angel.

	I know, I know.  Freakin' work.

	How many more credits do you need to move out
	of that closet your living in?

	Ten grand.  Between this Englewood case and
	what Stryker's offering me, I should make it by the 
	end of the month.

	You going to ask Ellie to move in with you?

Jack shoots Evan a knowing smile.

	Could be.

Richter points after a exiting Englewood and company.

	Your Mark is taking a hike.

Jack throws down the rest of his drink.

	Gotta go.  Debit my account will you?

	Will do.  Later.

Jack waits a few seconds and follows Mr. Englewood and his date out of the bar.

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Date: 10/04/2358 Time: 11:32


VISUAL SCAN - Subject is wearing grey pin stripe suit, white Argosy style button down shirt, "long rider" style black coat, and black "wrecker" style boots. He is also wearing a type III locater (auto headset).

Jack scans the hall. It's quiet. It's early morning and all of the elite who live along this corridor are at their jobs. Jack punches in a security override code onto a keypad above the scanner in the door jamb.

Jack scans the spacious abode of the now deceased Lester Donovan. He sneers. JACK I get a closet and this puke gets the freakin' Taj Mahall. Jack strolls around the room making a cursory inspection. He spies a picture of Donovan and family. No one in the picture is smiling. Jack looks about the room. JACK Agent? A decidedly high brow English voice issues forth about Jack. AI(V.O.) A.I. number 00Z01is on-line and available sir. JACK Must be nice having your own AI. AI(V.O.) If your are referring to Mr. Donovan, he always seemed to enjoy my company. I shall miss him. JACK Heard he got whacked, huh. AI(V.O.) A crude term sir. JACK But accurate. AI(V.O.) Yes. Is there a particular reason you have invaded Mr. Donovan's abode? JACK I've been assigned by Stryker to investigate his murder. AI(V.O.) Mr. Stryker must be suffering a severe labor shortage. He seems to be picking the bottom of the proverbial barrel. Jack looks around him in shock. He laughs. JACK An AI with an attitude. I like that. What can you tell me about Mr. Donovan's activities over the past few days. AI(V.O.) Nothing. JACK Are you going to make me use my security over ride? AI(V.O.) I'm not being difficult. Someone's wiped my memory about all but the most mundane or Mr. Donovan's activities. I should also report that this was a deliberate act by some unknown individual. JACK Damn! They got to you too. AI(V.O.) Then you are aware that just about anything electronic referring to Mr. Donovan has been erased from all of Genesis' networks? JACK Yes. How did you know that. AI(V.O.) When I discovered my own memories had been wiped out, I tried to recover them from the net. JACK An AI with initiative. I like that too. You know what? AI(V.O.) What? JACK I think I'm going to take you over. AI(V.O.) Excuse me? JACK You're unassigned, right? AI(V.O.) Yes, but- JACK No buts baby. I've got the security codes to reassign you to me. You can verify with Stryker. AI(V.O.) You do realize I cost a thousand credits a week to maintain. JACK Charge it to security. AI(V.O.) (sarcastic) Very well. I do so look forward to our new found relationship. JACK Sarcasm. I like it. Jack scans the room around him. JACK Has security already been in here? AI(V.O.) Yes. They were quite careless too. They almost broke several of Mr. Donovan's possessions. I was forced to admonish them several times. Jack saunters into the spacious kitchen. He opens the refrigerator. AI(V.O.) You're too late. Your esteemed colleagues have already emptied it out. JACK Not my colleagues. I'm an independent... Jerks. Jack moves into the bedroom. A fake window displays a pastoral scene beyond silk curtains. Jack frowns. JACK His bedroom is bigger than my entire cell. Silk sheets. Nice. Must be a real ladies man. AI(V.O.) I have no recollection. JACK I thought you said the mundane memories were still there? AI(V.O.) Evidently not all. JACK Interesting. Jack makes his way to one wall. He presses the outline of a drawer and it extends from the wall. He begins to rifle through Donovan's things. AI(V.O.) I should point out that was already done by your predecessors. JACK Did Donovan have a favorite spot? AI(V.O.) Excuse me? JACK A favorite place to sit? Lie down? A place to be alone? AI(V.O.) His favorite chair is in front of the video in the living room. Jack punches the wall and the drawer recedes. He makes his way back to the living room. Jack finds an easy chair opposite one wall. A small black enamel table sits next to the chair. An oriental vase sits on the table. Jack plunks down in the chair. He stares at the wall. AI(V.O.) I hope you're comfortable. Jack's hand slips down to the table next to him. He picks up the vase and stuffs a hand in it. He smiles as he comes up with a piece of paper. JACK Paper! Man you don't see much of this around. Jack unfolds the scrap of paper carefully. JACK (reads) Actors cast a play. The fisherman casts a line. The gambler casts his dice. The image I cast is pure evil. A confused Jack looks up. JACK What the hell is that supposed to mean? AI(V.O.) I would imagine it's a riddle. Jack flips the paper over and reads some notes scribbled on the back. Jack (reads) The bitch is a Harpy. The moron is as cold as cracked ice. Beware the boots. Jack scratches his head. JACK Riddles? I wonder why he hid this here? AI(V.O.) I've no idea. JACK What time is it? AI(V.O.) 11:55. JACK Oh shit I'm supposed to meet Ellie for lunch. Jack smiles. JACK I' going to impress the hell out of her. Ring her up on her locator and tell her we've moved lunch to Antonio's in UFS. AI(V.O.) Ellie who? JACK Ellie Dulan. She lives in UAS-000023. Make sure you tell her you're MY AI. AI(V.O.) Oh joy. Jack smiles, jumps up and exits Donovan's cell.

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Date: 10/17/2358 Time: 11:43

VISUAL SCAN - Subject is wearing a khaki colored Rec & Roll brand jumpsuit, a "long rider" style black coat, and black "wrecker" style boots. He's also wearing a type III locater (auto headset).


Jack sips at a cup of coffee as he reviews the notes on his datapad. He's been up for a few hours, but he's finally getting around to breakfast. A buxom middle aged woman brings Jack a cholesterol clogging plate of steak and eggs. Jack smiles at the meal in anticipation.

ROSIE Here you go lover. Can I get you anything else? JACK Yeah, a bump up in quarters. ROSIE Can't help there, baby, you're talking to a one hundred percent ass ender. JACK UAS isn't so bad Rosie and hear you got some pretty spacy digs. Rosie smiles and gives Jack a knowing wink. ROSIE Especially the bedroom. You should come and see it sometime. Rosie turns and Jack shoots her a smile. JEEVES Is that all humans ever think about? Procreation? JACK We prefer the term making love and I would venture to say that it does take up a good amount of our thought processes. JEEVES That would explain the state of your society. JACK Yeah, yeah, yeah. What did you find in the flight deck logs? JEEVES Like so many other things that seem to involve Mr. Donovan they've been tampered with. JACK Really? JEEVES Yes. It wasn't done very well though. From the logs concerning Mr. Donovan's more mundane activity and from the missing sections of the flight deck logs I was able to ascertain that he was in flight deck 1 on 9/25 at 22:20 and on 9/30 at 23:40. JACK Anything more than that? Contacts? Sector? JEEVES No contacts, but he was in fighter repair, hanger 23. JACK Who else was in there at that time? JEEVES It didn't occur to me to check. JACK That's because you're an A.I. JEEVES There's no need to be rude. JACK Check it out. I want a list of everyone that was there at that hour. I also need to know the current location of Johan Krak. Jack stuffs a fork full of egg into his mouth. Jeeves is silent as he virtually runs off to do as he is bid. A good looking, greying, thin man in his late fifties sits down opposite Jack. Jack smiles in recognition at Lexington Stryker. JACK Stryker! Fancy meeting you here. I didn't think you security guys came back here to the ass end. STRYKER We security guys go where ever we want. What have you found Iroonwood? The President wants a status check. Jack smiles. JACK She don't trust me does she? STRYKER I told you not to date her daughter. She thinks you're a scumbag. JACK I am a scumbag. A scumbag who fights for truth, justice and the Genesis way. STRYKER Come on, Ironwood, I'm busy. What have you found. JACK Not much, but enough to know Donovan was doing more than just human resources. STRYKER He was mixed up with the crystal trade was he? JACK It's too early to say. STRYKER Come on Jack. Give me something to take back to the President. I've already had to explain why you deserve a Z level AI to assist in your investigation. JACK He's been a big help, Lex. He tracked Donovan down to flight deck one a couple weeks ago. STRYKER Flight deck one!? Civilians aren't allowed up there. Not without clearance. JACK Pretty strange, huh. STRYKER What else do you have? JACK Here's that riddle I told you about. Jack hands Stryker the folded up piece of paper with the riddle on it. Stryker reads it. He flips the paper over and reads the back. STRYKER What's it mean? JACK Don't know yet. I found it hidden in Donovan's cell. The stuff on the back obviously refers to some associates of some kind. I don't get the riddle. STRYKER The image I cast is pure evil? How strange. Jack tosses the ring he found onto the table in front of Stryker. JACK I found this at the murder scene. My gut tells me it belonged to Donovan. Have your boys in the lab verify that. STRYKER I'm beginning to doubt the work of my field agents. They missed two pieces of evidence. Stryker picks up the ring and stares at the large S that makes up the insignia. He looks back at the paper and reads the riddle again. His expression changes to one of realization. STRYKER The image I cast is a black shadow. Stryker holds the ring up for Jack to see. STRYKER That's what this riddle is talking about! Shadow! JACK What shadow? What are you talking about? STRYKER This is classified, Ironwood, you don't talk to anyone about this. JACK Yeah, yeah, alright, what's the story? STRYKER I've got reports going back a hundred and fifty years about some secret organization on board Genesis called shadow. We've never been able to determine what their charter is, who their leaders are or even how big they are. We just know that whenever there's trouble about shadow is probably behind it. JACK Their a syndicate? Organized crime. STRYKER It's possible, but I don't think so. JACK Why not? STRYKER Because money never seems to be an issue. Usually quite the contrary. Ten years ago we caught a young ensign initiating a ten minute burn on the main thrusters. JACK I remember that. A lot of people got hurt because he didn't engage the inertial dampeners. STRYKER I headed the civilian investigation behind that fiasco. JACK Why wasn't that strictly a M.I. affair. STRYKER Because there was a long torrid trail of money, drugs and sex behind the circumstances that led up to the ensign firing those thrusters. He was manipulated so he had no choice. JACK Why? STRYKER Good question. The only thing we got out of him was the name Shadow. He was in the brig only one day before he managed to down enough crystal to explode his heart. JACK Crystal! How'd he get the crystal. STRYKER Another good question that never got answered. This shadow organization is real good Ironwood. Like I said a hundred and fifty years and all we have is a name. JACK A name and one dead member. My bet is if you get a ring your pretty high up in the food chain. Stryker grunts and slids the ring back to Jack. STRYKER That's probably not to far off the mark. I'll keep an eye out for any more rings. You ought to too. What ever you do don't mention shadow to anyone. If they killed Donovan they'll have no problem killing you. JACK Your concern is touching. Stryker smiles and rises. STRYKER Don't let it go to your head. You've done good work Ironwood. My opinion of you is changing. JACK Not just any scumbag, eh Lex? Stryker shakes his head and leaves. Jack finishes his breakfast.

Date: 10/20/2358 Time:13:09

VISUAL SCAN - Subject is wearing a black Bundswear tank top, stylistic 3 bar jacket, grey fatiques, and black "wrecker" style boots. He's also wearing a type III locater (auto headset).

EM Scan - Electromagnetic fields indicate subject has a 9mm Krukov auto pistol bolstered under the left shoulder. A 10 ml can of INcapacitate spray is housed in the left coat pocket. Possession of these objects by subject is not a security violation since he is authorized to carry them by MILCOM, authorization order 324-8812-A.

A thirty meter smart granade is located in the subject's left pocket.

SECURITY INCIDENT!: ONLY military personnel are authorized for the use of smart granades aboard Genesis. The subjects possesion of this weapon is not sanctioned by the administration and is duely noted.

LOCATION - LAP - Hooligans Bar

Jack sips at a coffee in a dark corner. The bar is empty except for Monk the bartender and some lost soul slumped over a table in a corner. The smell of stale beer and vomit sits at the edges of Jack's heigtened senses. Monk brings the coffee pot over to Jack. Monk has a frame that would give a gorilla pause. A bald head glistens with sweat and meaty hands refill Jack's mug. MONK You know I'm doing you a favor by letting that crazy screw in here. I can't tell you how many of my bouncers he's fucked up. JACK I appreciated it Monk. MONK Ellie is one of the sweetest people on the interior of Genesis. How'd she end up with such a mean cousin. JACK Every family's got one. MONK I suppose. In my family I guess that would be me. The two men exchange a smile and Monk returns to setting up his bar. There is the hiss of pneumatic action and the steel door to the bar slides back. A tall lean silhouette frames the doors. Jack leans back into the shadows and the movement catches the attention of the silhouette. Louis Varchone enters the bar with the gait of a wolf. Louis' shoulder length blonde hair frames a devestatingly good looking face. High cheeks bones accentuate an angular face, but it is his piecering blue eyes that captivate. Louis slides a chair out from the table and sits opposite Jack with a predatory smile. LOUIS It's been a while Jack. When I got your note I was genuinly surprised. I thought my company made you nervous. JACK Louis you damn well I'm the only on this station you don't make nervous. It's your addiction I don't care for. Louis shifts uncomfortably and frowns. LOUIS You're not going to lecture me are you? My AI does that daily. JACK You're an adult Louis. You're allowed to make your own mistakes. Monk looms behind Louis with a pot of coffee. MONK You want some coffee Louis? LOUIS You are too kind, Monk. I'll pass. How about a glass of chardoney? MONK Right. Monk leaves. LOUIS So when are you going to give me that second chance Jack? You're the only man to ever beat me you know. JACK Like I say evey time you ask me that question Louis... never. That was the deal one fight. You lost. Deal with it. Louis frowns again. LOUIS The thought chaffes at me. JACK Drag. You know I don't know how a guy who is so obsessed with personal combat can turn around and become crystoid. You know what cyrstal does to your heart? LOUIS I'm more concerned what it does for my mind. Doors are knocked down. Thoughts that would otherwise be unavailable to me are revealed. JACK Thoughts are useless if you aren't alive to contemplate them. LOUIS Your concern is touching but unecessary. Like you said I'm a big boy. JACK Right. You know what you're doing. I can't tell you how many users have told me that right before they went over the edge. Varchone smiles an evil smile. LOUIS I've been over the edge, Jack, and come back. Jack shakes his head and then smiles. JACK You truely are one crazy son of a bitch. LOUIS Crazy? Those who explore the dark regions of the soul are always labeled crazy, but those who bath in the so called higher planes are labeled spiritual. It doesn't seem fair to me. JACK That's because the search for inner light doesn't require the mass consumption of illegal halucinatory drugs. LOUIS Really? How many saints, prophets and gurus sat atop the mountain fasting for days, abusing their bodies until the saw the light? How is this any different? JACK Fasting's all natural. Varchone breaks out into laughter. LOUIS I see, it's not my destination that's flawed, but method of travel. JACK I don't know Louis, all I do know is crystal eats people's brains. Monk arrives with Louis' glass of wine and sets it before him. Louis sips from the glass as Monk leaves. LOUIS Your note mentioned something about protecting my beloved cousin. What is this all about. What am I protecting her from? JACK You heard about Lester Donovan's murder? LOUIS Adminstration type? JACK Ex head of H.R. LOUIS Oh yes, I believe he bought one of my paintings once... I didn't do it. JACK Very funny. Stryker assigned me to the case. He got wacked down in LAP. LOUIS What was an administrtive type doing down there? JACK Good question. I managed to trace the evidence back to a guy named Johann Krak. Ring any bells? LOUIS He's a dealer. I've had dealings with him on occasion, but he is not one of my usual associates. JACK Well, the guys like a ghost. I've been unable to isolate him. I started to ratchet up the heat on the guy yesterday and then I got a note. LOUIS Back off or Ellie get's hurt. JACK Precisely. Louis contemplates his wine. LOUIS There is only one person in this world I've ever loved. Innocent love. The love that inspires memories of a happy childhood and loving family. Ellie never cared that I was different. JACK I want you to guard her for me. Louis takes a sip off of his wine and stares at Jack over the edge of his glass. LOUIS On one condition. You give me a rematch. JACK Bull shit. You'll do it because you love Ellie. Louis frowns. LOUIS Why won't you give me a rematch? JACK Two reasons. Number one I don't want to spend a week in the hosipital again and two I love the fact that it drives you crazy that someone has beaten you. I'm your humility, Louis. Louis sneers and places his glass down. The sneer is replaced by a smile. LOUIS You love to goad me don't you. JACK It does give me some small amount of amusement. LOUIS I'll watch Ellie, but my previous personal debt to you is canceled. JACK Done. There's two things I want you to do while your watching her. Louis sighs. LOUIS And they are? JACK If Krak makes a move don't kill him. I need to talk to him. LOUIS Very well. JACK I also want you to lay off the crystal while you're watching Ellie. LOUIS You are such a mother hen. JACK You say you love Ellie. You make her nervous now Louis. The cyrstal makes her nervous. Louis looks disturbed and plays with his glass. LOUIS I would never cause her harm. Jack rises and starts to leave. JACK I know that, otherwise I wouldn't have you near her. I don't give a shit if you want to pollute your body, but I want you at a hundred percent while you're doing this. All right? LOUIS I will comply. JACK Good. See you later. Jack leaves Louis to contemplate his wine.

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Date: 11/02/2358 Time:13:09

VISUAL SCAN - Subject is wearing a black V-Neck faux silk shirt, white jeans, and chinees slippers.

EM Scan - The subject is unarmed.

LOCATION - LAP - Cell 011

Jack tosses the remote to his entertainment console on the tiny coffee table in front of the small sofa and plunks down on the sofa. He stares about the small living quarters in disgust. He hasn't had the opportunity to clean in a while and it looks like a nuclear clothes bomb has gone off. Jack's consicousness drifts and he stares off into space for a momment. JACK Jeeves? JEEVES (V.O.) Yes oh wise and gracious one? JACK Give me a break. Check the where abouts of Louis Varchone JEEVES (V.O.) Yes my one true reason for existance. Jack smiles at his AI's wry sense of humour. JEEVES (V.O.) Louis Varchone is no where to be found. I admit I am perplexed. He's not wearing a locater and he does not show up on any internal scans. I thought that was impossible JACK That's because you're a non-security AI. There are a few thousand people walking around this station unaccounted for. Beating the monitors is not as hard as you think. JEEVES (V.O.) How interesting. What would you like me to do now? JACK Find Ellie. JEEVES (V.O.) She's playing at Chez Pierre's in UAS. JACK Hmmm, nice place. Have the restaurant monitors scan the crowd for Louis. Have them especially check the dark places. JEEVES (V.O.) The restaurant AI is scanning for me. Oh. There he is. JACK Good. I figured he'd get right on it, but I wanted to make sure. JEEVES (V.O.) Get right on what? JACK Guarding Ellie. JEEVES (V.O.) From what? JACK Krak. JEEVES (V.O.) Oh. The cretin you've been unsuccessfully trying to apprehend. JACK Yeah, well I must be getting close because he's threatened to harm Ellie if I don't back off. JEEVES (V.O.) Cretin. JACK I want you watching her too. When you're not tending to me. JEEVES (V.O.) Ah, now that will be a pleasure. I am quite fond of her playing you know. It's so inspiring to here something new. JACK I also want you to set up a meeting for me tomorrow with Eddie Fat from the WuTu fang. JEEVES (V.O.) Wu Tu Fang. Oh, you mean one of those boys clubs for the morrally impaired. You want ME to communicate with these genetic misfits? JACK Set it up for tomorrow. JEEVES (V.O.) Oh ducky. I just love explaining things three times. Jack smiles as his AI signs off.



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