The Personal Diary of Gunner Sergeant Jack P. Scagnetti

Date: 10/05/2358 Time: 19:00

I ran into Ironwood today! He's looking like his bad old self as usual. I gave him the usual rations of shit about leaving the corps. He grinned and bared it. I miss this son of a bitch, but I'm afraid his gone civvy for good.

I can't say as I blame him. I've seen Rodriquez's body up there on the surface. The look on his face is... It freaks me out. I asked the Chief why they don't remove his body. I guess the "phase" threw out a bunch of super dense filaments that are in turn phased with the surrounding rock. He said they estimated they'd have to move a thousand metric tons of rock to pull him out. Poor bastard.

At least we got alarms now and you can be for damn sure if they go off I'm going below!

Date: 11/05/2358 Time: 16:00

Fun is!!! Finally we've got an exercise with some balls! Huge mother beach balls! Everyone's gettin' mobilized for this game. The civies are shitting bricks. I love it. They think the Admiral's gone space happy and declared martial law. Who cares what they think. Lock and load! Let the fun begin!

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