The Personal Diary of Lance Corporal Susan L. Lavalle

Date: 10/04/2358 Time: 22:41

We had a great day today! Excercises were fucking awesome. The eleventh totally kicked ass. The twenty second and thirty third were swinging defense on Gunsberg's hill.

Recon found 'em like in the first hour. We snuck around behind while Scagnetti's bombadeers kept 'em busy with the mortars.

We went out and celebrated afterwards. I go a cool new tattoo. It looks like this:

Date: 11/05/2358 Time: 06:41

I got a visit from an old friend last night. The man is an animal. We went at it all night long. He's going to be staying with me for a couple of days while he inspects his work. It should be fun.

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