Ka'tera Daughter of Set

It was said that she could claim a man's soul with but a glance. Many other things have been said about Ka'tera ibn Benwaal and not all of them very flattering. Contrary to common belief, however, it can be argued that in the end Ka'tera was a force that ultimately helped to defeat Morlock.

Ka'tera was born to the peasant class on Indira III. Her world was actually one of the planets that were consumed in Morlock's first blitzkrieg. Fortunately for its inhabitants Indira III was so poor that the demon kin ignored it. (continued below...)

Ka'tera's youth was spent in the slums of Barclay City. Her father worked in the furnaces for Emerol Corporation and her mother was a street cleaner for the city. Her parents weren't abusive, but they seemed generally indifferent to Ka'tera. Some suspect that her birth was unplanned.

Ka'tera was decidedly intelligent. She flew through the public schools and was noted for spending long hours in the library alone. It is generally believed that it was here that she discovered the Daughters of Set. This coven of serpent worshipping witches had disappeared long ago and had been dismissed as fantasy to scare young children. Ka'tera became fascinated with the cult and soon discovered the truth behind the legend.

It was also at this time that Morlock's demon kin stormed through the Republic. Although Indira III was passed over as a target the inhabitants were not disassociated from what was going on. They still managed to maintain communication with portions of the Republic and were aware of the horrors that were being perpetrated on it. At first the stories of strange powers and evil creatures out of legend were scoffed at. It wasn't long before the citizens of Indira III realized that this was the truth.

The nature of Morlock, his Warlocks and demon kin was an epiphany for Ka'tera. She quickly realized that if Morlock was capable of contacting dark Gods with arcane energies then so too should she be able to establish a relationship with Set. Six months after Morlock's opening of the Dark Wars Ka'tera opened a Portal to Set's realm and became his most beloved Daughter. Within one year the entire population of Indira III bowed before this young peasant girl from the slums of Barclay City and prayed to this new God who bore the form of a giant Serpent.

Ka'tera was a harsh mistress, but she was profoundly loyal to her people. Morlock had been in possession of the space around Indira III for two decades before he even realized the planet was inhabited. Ka'tera was skilled in the subterfuge of the snake and had kept Indira III hidden from Morlock and his troops for a very long time.

When they were finally discovered Morlock stayed his demon kin from destroying the planet. At this point he had come to realize that his was to be a protracted war and he was more in need of resources then slaughter. It was also quite evident that he was impressed with Ka'tera's ability. Morlock extracted a heavy toll from Ka'tera's people, but it was a small price to pay for life. As talented as Ka'tera was she knew she could not stand up to an army the size of Morlock's. Morlock sent the demon Grimbrow to negotiate a treaty with Ka'tera and the Indira accords were soon signed.

Ka'tera's submission was generally met with scorn throughout the remains of the republic. Of course she had no choice and the fact that she was able to retain any freedom at all for her people was a testament to her own personal power.

To be continued...

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