"Lady Celise"
It was rumored among the realm of Kush that Lady Celise, Lord Noc's wife, was a seer. The fact was she was much more... she was a witch of the convenant. Her heart belonged to Noc, but her soul belonged to Aman-Ra.

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The Lady knew the ways of light, a study of magic seldom explored. Many believed the bright magics were weak and only useful for healing the spirit, but the Lady knew more.

The witches of the covenant had passed down their knowledge for so many millennia they had forgotten how many years it was. When the Lady was a child she was led to believe that such teachings were fancy. Morlock changed all that. Morlock proved dark magics exist, but by doing so he proved the ways of light exist also, for it is the universal truth that balance and opposites is the way of things.

In the beginning the Lady was afraid to tell her husband of her talents. Her husband loved her entirely, but he was a devoted technologist. She could not suffer his scorn, but she had an over whelming desire to aid him in his war against Morlock.

Initially she gave him advice on where to place his troops. At first Lord Noc followed her advice to humor her, but when he saw the advantageous consequences of her whispers, she soon became a trusted advisor.

It was unfortunate that Lord Noc did not trust his Lady enough to tell her of his experiments with technomagic. She alone would have had the force of will to steer her man away from the dark artifacts he collected. She might have convinced him that the spirit Adrian's advice was bad and was leading him down a well of darkness. In the end she knew that technomagic would work, but it was best bound with the forces of light not darkness. By the time she found out what her husband was up to it was too late. Lord Noc had sacrificed his arm to dark powers and had merged with immense forces to become the first technomage... but at what price?

From the Chronicles of the Dark Wars by H. M. Bennington.

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