The Shadow Left Behind: Synopsis

Henry Biggs awakes in a vast dark room. His first image is that of the steel faced Sergeant whose greeting is "Are you with us Biggs!?"

Henry has his own name, but little else. The Sergeant explains he is to begin his training and then proceeds to have him hung

Henry awakes in bed with a scream. The Sergeant is a dream? Who is this strange woman that rushes into the room. My wife? Sheila? Her concern seems genuine. Henry's memories of her are there but distant and fuzzy. Sheila wonders if Henry should go to work although he is supposed to start training for his new position.

Henry is tossed between the worlds of virtuality and reality by dark forces. He is being trained as a tool of mass destruction by people without a conscious.

Fortunately Henry is stumbled on by a young hacker. She discovers the truth about Henry and what he is being programmed for. Will she be able to stem the machinations of evil people or will she too become another victim to the shadow left behind?