The Sorcerer’s Song and the Cat’s Meow

By A. A. Roberts



Text Box: Modern humanity has become secure in the knowledge that no matter what terrors are inflicted upon us, they are of our own making.  Science and technology rules the day and keeps us warm at night.  The only real monsters are the ones that walk on two legs.  Aikeem Abdul Jamal Yosaffa and his cat Pendella Purrfect can tell you modern humanity is wrong…

Aikeem and Pendella are creatures of power.  Their friendship was born in an adventure which transpired in the sewers of New York and will come to last many lifetimes (at least 9).  Unbeknownst to them the fates have sent them down a road that will rock the foundations of not one, but many worlds.  

Pendella teaches Aikeem that the realm beyond the real world, the dreamscape, has its own particular kind of reality and its own horrors.  Both of our heroes come to discover that there are more creatures moving across these planes of existence than there should be.  Some serve as guardians while others serve darker purposes.

Eventually destiny conspires to rip our friends apart and set them on opposite ends of a strange world. As our heroes struggle to reunite, they uncover the awful truth that evil minds are plotting an insane war.  An impossible axis of dark forces unites and prepares to assault the real words….

Evil creatures that were once banished into myth and legend by the Celestial Administration, have gathered in their masses.  These black creatures are intent on reclaiming what was stolen from them not only armed with artifacts of magical power, but now modern armaments as well.  

An army of millions led by a megalomaniac magician marches across a mystical bridge between the dreamscape and our own world.  Only Aikeem, Pendella, the High Cats and a few friends they’ve made along the way can save an unknowing humanity from the onslaught of the hoards of darkness. 

In a place called Avalon an epic battle of millions is waged under the fire of arcane powers and mystic energies.  In the end only the brave and fortunate shall stand.  This is a symphony of friendships, passion, loves lost and found, and heroes who never flag in their struggle for righteous victory.  This is the Sorcerer’s Song and the Cat’s Meow…